ZTE’s prepping new high-density battery technology that can last longer

zte battery tech

These days, it is a trend followed by the manufacturers to introduce smartphones that are packed with numerous features and powerful hardware. Despite these enhancements, they strive to keep their devices slimmer than ever before.

In such scenarios, the battery life of the smartphones will definitely suffer. ZTE seems to have come up with a solution to increase the battery life of their devices by introducing a new battery technology. It is likely that this battery technology will help in rendering decent backup despite the power hungry features.


ZTE’s upcoming flagship smartphone is said to feature a new high-density shaped battery that is reportedly of the same volume as the lithium batteries, but with two to three folds higher energy density. Eventually, these batteries with high-density can be made slimmer and smaller. Also, they are flexible and can be adjusted to fit in the different smartphone interiors with their natural curvature and shape.

There could be some challenges involved in the mass production of such high-density batteries that will be used in the next ZTE flagship smartphone. We need to wait and see if this innovation will be a trend setter in the smartphone industry.

Source: GizmoChina