YouTube Video Downloads and Offline support coming soon exclusively for India!

There is some good news for our Indian followers here. We thought that the launch of Android One smartphones in the country was a big deal already, but Google stumped us all by mentioning another killer perk the country might get. Well this soon-to-come goodie in the YouTube app will enable offline video availability for YouTube users in the country!

We all know that the smartphone industry in the country is seeing one of the most promising growth-rates in the world. But when it comes to availability of data-services, the country is still not up to the mark as 2G is yet to be overtaken by the 3rd Generation of data services in terms of volumes and reach. Google though, has newer plans to counter this, and gave the YouTubers a thing or two to cheer! Alongside the launch of Android One, YouTube executive Ceasar Sengupta said something to lift all those murky spirits lamenting the lack of good connectivity:

YouTube is popular here. You watch some videos again and again. How awesome would it be if you could keep watching them again and again without having to pay for data, and take the videos with you wherever you go? Within the coming few weeks, much of YouTube will be available offline in India. This is huge, and our users will really, really like this. You can download a video once, save it to your phone, and watch it again and again.

This is BIG! What this upcoming feature basically means is that users can download any video they like from YouTube, and watch it at anytime they want on their devices, WITHOUT a data connection! How close this feature is to the ‘Video Preloading” feature of the YouTube app of heydays, is yet to be known. But we can’t be any less excited since it’s not far-fetched to imagine a later rollout of this feature in other regions! Hold your breath, YouTubers!