YouTube Intimates Content Creators of Ad-Free Subscription Service

youtube subcription

For quite sometime, there are speculations that YouTube is interested in exploring an ad-free subscription service. Well, the concept is quite simple. If you do not want to get the annoying ads that are featured at the start and end of a video and sometimes at the middle as well, you should pay money for the same.

So far, Google has not confirmed anything about this ad-free subscription service model for its video streaming service. However, several partners of YouTube have reported that they have received emails from the firm informing them about the upcoming subscription service that will let users to get rid of the annoying ads while watching videos.


The email seems not to reveal too many details regarding the service or its cost. However, Google has noted that the partners can get into the new revenue stream.

Notably, Google is providing a similar feature in YouTube Music Key charging $10 per month for the service to let users access the music videos without any ads. There is an option to cache them to view them while offline.

Though the exact time frame for the rollout of this feature remains unknown, we can expect Google to announce the ad-free subscription service for YouTube at the Google I/O conference this year.

Source: Bloomberg