You Can Soon Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chat History and Messages Via Google Drive

It appears like WhatsApp is working on a service that will let users to backup and restore their chat history and media files. Well, it has been revealed by a leaked WhatsApp transition group. It is claimed that the history and media will be backed up and can be restored from Google Drive.

Even now WhatsApp provides a backup and restore functionality, but it requires users to find the backup option, look for the folder in the SD card or internal storage, moving it to the new device and installing WhatsApp in the new device before restoring the content.

The new method that WhatsApp is working on seems to be simple and easy to backup and restore via Google Drive. The WhatsApp translation text strings show that the firm is looking forward to integrate Google Drive for backing up messages and media excluding videos. It seems like the process of backing up and restoring the media files and messages are restricted only to Wi-Fi or will allow cellular data as well.


The text string translation requests that are tipped by a WhatsApp translation group member to Android Police have also been confirmed by a Dutch website The latter also claimed to have received a similar translation request.

A request that has been leaked indicates that the restoring from Google Drive is offered to users as and when they log in from a new device. If the users fail to accept the request, the backed up content from their old phone will be lost. However, WhatsApp is yet to reveal an official word regarding the rollout of the feature enabling users to backup and restore via Google Drive.

Source: Android Police, Via: