You can now edit your profile photo and status, delete and archive chats, and handle groups on WhatsApp Web

Ever since WhatsApp Web went official earlier this year, only a few minor changes such as change in the skin tone and emojis have been made. There has been a backend update that adds a lot of mobile app features to the service.

This update has become easy for you to manage the conversations on the web interface without the necessity of your phone. The exact time frame of when these changes were made is not known, and they seem to be new.

Firstly, your profile photo and status can be edited on WhatsApp Web. You just have to hover over the photo and you will get an option to change the same. There is an edit icon next to the status and you can share all your feelings with your contacts updating your status. Keep in mind that these can be done without using your smartphone.

The other change is the settings overflow for your chats showing a few new actions. This will let you delete and archive one-on-one chats and archive, mute or exit the group chats. These options are available in the left of the conversation list as you hover over them or make a right click on them.

The last feature is that the contact and group information panes have also got a minor update. There are big red buttons to delete the chats or exit the groups. Also, the groups let you change their icon and status as well.

As these changes are brought in by a backend update, you can get them by simply launching WhatsApp Web in your browser.

Via: Android Police