YO integrates with IFTTT, making some sense of its existence

After the 1 million $ funding from high profile investors, YO app now performs tasks which you might not tell Stupid. YO have recently launched a IFTTT (IF This Than That) channel, which can control some pre created recipes s like turning on Air Conditioning, turn off your Philips Hue Lights, Tweeting and allows you to glue other internet services together in order to create new and personalized services. Just add IFTTT to your friend list and access the functionality. So you can now not just only YO a friend but manage your other work as well by single tap zero communication app YO.

You can YO a friend along with this you can even YO to turn off your lights or turn on your A/C. Unfortunately the channel can only be used as a trigger but not as an action, probably because there is not much action available except YO. Also, you can only do one function at a time by sending a YO to IFTTT. It include other features like call your phone and work with Belkin WeMo devices and to log a gym visit using Jawbone UP. This power of YO might reach heights, so grab the opportunity and download it from play store.

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