Yahoo Index Personal Assistant in the Making to Compete with Google Now and Siri

yahoo index

Being an online search engine and email client, it is certain that Yahoo will be working on the same lines as Google. Going by the same, Yahoo seems to be working on a rival to Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. This upcoming feature of Yahoo is claimed to be codenamed Index.

Yahoo Index is expected to be a personal voice assistant that is believed to put the firm back in the search game dominated by Google. The firm’s CEO Marissa Mayer spilled the beans regarding the existence of Index. It is reported that this service will make its way into the smartphones along with support for ads.


Back in late 2013, there were leaks that tipped that Yahoo is working on a voice activated search assistant. After almost a year, the firm is speculated to be working on the same again.

At an earning call lately, Mayer talked about the advantage of the firm in the search field. She stressed that it is not related to the search algorithms and hinted at a more personal information source. Though Google is a dominant one when it comes to search, Yahoo has an email service that dates back to 20 years and there are people who use Yahoo Mail even now. This advantage is what Yahoo is planning to make use of the same.

The details about the Yahoo Index voice assistant remain scarce for now, but we expect a lot of changes in the personal voice assistant market soon after the launch of this service.

Source: Business Insider, Via: Android Police