XXLPQ — Update Galaxy S2 to Android 4.0 Official Firmware Manually


Well, here it comes — the first official Android 4.0 update from Samsung, labeled as XXLPQ. Galaxy S2 users in Baltic, Poland, Hungary and other Nordic countries can use the Samsung’s PC software Kies to update their phone to Android 4.0.

But those of us who are apparently not from that area of earth, but are as much eager as one could be about official Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy S2, well, there is the Odin software to install the XXLPQ manually. It’s pretty easy and if you’ve been keeping up with us, you may have already done it countless times — XXKP8, XXLPH, XXLPJ, etc. But this time around, we flash the official Ice Cream Sandwich update for Galaxy S2 — XXLPQ.

Well, there are some features missing from the earlier leaks, XXLPH and XXLPJ, like there is no 3d anim effect in drawer and while swiping home screens, which was present in XXLPH and XXLPJ, but other than that, XXLPQ is cool — no touch lags and it’s pretty fast and fully working rom, with TouchWiz 4 UI of course, hate it or not.

So, let’s see how to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich with XXLPQ, the official Android 4.0 firmware via Kies.


This firmware and the guide below is compatible only and only with Galaxy S2, model number i9100. It’s not compatible with any other device, including US variants of S2, the Epic 4G Touch, T-mobile Galaxy S2 and AT&T Galaxy S2 along with Skyrocket. Check your device’s model number in Settings » About phone.


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to you or your device, we won’t be held liable — you only will be responsible, you’ve been warned!

Pre-Installation Requirements/Tips

  1. This procedure will wipe all your apps, data and settings (but it will NOT touch your SD cards, so don’t worry about those). Backup your Apps and important data — bookmarks, contacts, SMS, APNs (internet settings), etc. This Android backup guide would help you.
  2. If you have Samsung’s PC software Kies installed, un-install it first because it may interrupt the flashing process.
  3. Drivers! — it’s important you’ve the proper drivers installed. Download links below.
    32 bit (x86) Windows |   64-bit (x64) Windows

How to Install XXLPJ on Galaxy S2 i9100

  1. Download the XXLPQ Kies firmware from this link → XXLPQ (alternate mediafire links — part 1 and part 2). Filename: I9100XXLPQ_I9100OXALPQ_XEO.zip  |  Size: 382.43 MB
  2. Now, extract the downloaded file I9100XXLPQ_I9100OXALPQ_XEO.zip (from step 1) to any folder, you’ll get these 2 files:
    1. I9100XXLPQ_I9100OXALPQ_I9100XXLPQ_HOME.tar.md5
    2. SS_DL.dll (simply ignore this one)
  3. Now, download the Odin software which you’ll need to flash the XXLPQ on your Galaxy S2 i9100. Download Link. Filename: Odin3 v1.83.exe
  4. Power Off your phone and also disconnect it from PC if it’s connected, and don’t forget to keep phone’s battery above 50%, just to be very very safe. After the screen goes off, wait for vibration to confirm complete switch off.
  5. Boot Galaxy S2 into Download Mode in order to flash the XXLPQ firmware using Odin. For this, press and hold these keys together:Volume Down + Home + Power, you’ll get a Warning! screen.. press Volume up to continue to enter download mode.
  6. Open Odin (from step 3) — double-click the Odin3 v1.83.exe.
  7. Connect your phone to PC now. You should get the message “Added! !” under Odin’s message box in the bottom left. If you don’t get this message, then probably there is a problem with drivers. Make sure you’ve proper drivers installed. See point 3 above under Pre-Installation Requirements.
  8. Now, in the PDA tab in Odin, select the file you got in step 2.1 — I9100XXLPQ_I9100OXALPQ_I9100XXLPQ_HOME.tar.md5.
  9. Important! Do not touch any other button or make any other changes in Odin except selecting the required file as given in step 8. Your Odin’s screen should look like this: XXLPQ-Galaxy-S2-i91001-600x435
  10. Now, hit the START button to start flashing XXLPQ firmware. When the flashing procedure is finished, your phone will automatically reboot — and when you see the Samsung logo, you can safely unplug the cable. Plus, you’ll get a PASS (with green background) message in the left-most box at the very top of the Odin. Screen would look like this (below) on successful flashing of XXLPQ. XXLPQ-Odin-Guide1-600x435IMPORTANT Note: If ODIN gets stuck at some stage and doesn’t get you PASS, do this — disconnect the phone from the PC, close ODIN, remove battery, re-insert it, turn phone on in Download mode again, and do the procedure again from Step 6. Same if you get FAIL in Odin.
  11. After you’ve got the PASS message, the phone will probably get stuckat S logo. If it reboots fine without getting stuck at the S logo, then okay, you’re done, skip to next step. Otherwise, worry not and do this:
    1. Boot to recovery mode — for which, first power off phone and after screen goes off, wait for 5-6 seconds, and then press and hold Home + Volume Up + Power keys together. Once you are in recovery mode, use volume keys to move the selection up and down and power or home key to select the option.
    2. Go to Factory Reset and select it. Select Yes on next screen.
    3. Now, go to Wipe Cache and select it. Confirm Yes on next screen.
    4. Now, select reboot system now to boot your Galaxy S2. It will boot up fine. And you’ll have official Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, firmware on your Galaxy S2 i9100. Go to Settings and scroll down and select About Phone and check the info there.
  12. Also, if data network (3G, GPRS, etc.) isn’t working for you, you gotta fill in APN Settings meant for your carrier in Mobile and Network settings. Here’s a full list of carriers and their APN settings » Link
  13. In case you encounter any roadblocks flashing XXLPJ, let us know in comments below and we’ll try to help you out.

Do let us know what you feel about the XXLPQ. Liking the Touchwiz 4 on ICS, or completely hating it?

Update: Root your Galaxy S2 on XXLPQ using CF kernel. Search for “root xxlpq” on our site or click here.

Screenshots of XXLPQ Kies Firmware for Galaxy S2 i9100

XXLPQ-Browser1 XXLPQ-Apps1 XXLPQ-Firmware1 XXLPQ-Galaxy-S21 XXLPQ-Homescreen1 XXLPQ-Kies1 XXLPQ-Lock-Screen1 XXLPQ-RAM1 XXLPQ-Camera1
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  • Bob

    Quote from above
    “Sure, it’s a bit backwards in the naming scheme (compared to recent leaks XXLPH and XXLPJ)”

    How is the official XXLPQ a lower naming convention than the Beta XXLPJ  ??


    Isn’t Q higher than J in the Alphabet, or am just special!

    • *eek*, missed it man.. let me edit and correct it. Thnx!

      • Bob

        No worries keep up the good work, Bob

  • Sachin Agarwal

    Hey one thing that i don’t understand. how come these updates aren’t changing the icons and the menu outlay ?
    The physical appearance isn’t changing ?

    • That’s up to Samsung. You can install a custom rom to get full Android 4.0 experience.

      • wellie

        Like what rom do I need to get the ICS interface !?!
        this TwLauncher interface SUCKS :S
        only the youtube and bookmark widgets changed and everything else is da same ………

        any rom suggestions ?!

  • Trentlett6

    Are there any known bugs with this ROM?

  • Riteish_rdxs

    yor awesome mannn….

    njoying android 4…..

  • Manichon01

    Hey guys, about the contacts app, how do I sync only what’s on “My Contacts” list in google, I have 800+ contacts from the “Not Assinged” group..


    • Thiago Grande

      Manichon01, I did my backup by Kies, contacts, pictures, musics, videos. After installing this wonderful ROM I restored my data and is everything exactly how must be. Perfect!

      • Manichon01

        My contacts are there it’s just there are too many, aparently everyone i’ve ever contacted!

    • Dan Shipman

      why not install trebuchet launcher or nova? both have an AOSP ICS feel to them

  • hey guys i have a problem i am using windows 8 consumer preview will odin run in this and flash successfully ?

    • Yes.. I’m using that too… it works.

      •  but kies dosent seem to be able to run on windows 8 u sure? just dont wanna brick my phone 😛 and awesome tutorial btw 😀

        • I am talking about Odin, not Kies. I never used Kies…!

          Odin would work fine on win8. Thnx!

          •  one last thing do i have to turn usb debugging on in settings? i have android 2.3.6

          • Well.. not strictly required but you can do it anyway.

          •  works ! all apps everything is there thanks a lot! 😀

  • Marcus Zorbis

    Amazing! I’m enjoying the newest Android ICS, the touchscreen is perfect, the camera is so fast and the macro is incredible. The whole system is fast and very stable. Perfect, thanx a lot and hugs from Brazil.

  • Dilemma

    Is this really official version,please??

    • Yes, it’s the official version, available via Samsung’s PC software, Kies, in some Nordic countries. It’s not a leak.

      • Dilemma

        got it, thanks!

  • Frank_frankly

    Hi, I m done with the upgrade process but honestly I m very very disappointed with this new version. Apparently there is nothing new.. Anyway my point is; after I finished with this I run the Kies but it says my device dont let me upgrade my phone  anymore with Kies!! Am I not going to be able to use Kies anymore? 

  • doomsoon

    Will there be any problems if i flash this over a custom rom? Sorry if this is a nobb question

    • There shouldn’t be any problem.

  • Jimmy

    Hi, Please help me, after i got the PASS message in Odin, the phone get stuckat
    S logo. i have tried to reboots bu same issue stucked in SII logo, i can’t reboot
    to recovery mode i do press and hold Home + Volume Up + Power keys together but device is not accepting any.
    please what to do. 

    • Remove battery for 5 seconds… then reinsert it and hold the 3 buttons to boot into recovery — hold them until anything shows up on screen.

      • Amos Roc

        Hi – I have same problem, when i shut off the phone i see a gray battery with none moving round and it does not wake up nor get to recovery mode. Amos  

  • Anil Yad13

    i upgraded bt it doesnt seem original…

  • Senthilawakes

    I am not able to extract the Zip file. Is that corrupted?

    • Try with 7-zip software. If it still fails, it’s corrupted, re-download it.

  • Mishra14

    the download is taking way too much time.

    and i have 2 Mbps !!

  • Marcel Welter

    If I install this firmware and then Samsung releases a newer version, will I still be able to recieve updates via kies or OTA? or will I have to do it each time with odin?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Ggriffa1

    Feedback on upgrade process.
    Installed OK but it did not reboot and I could not boot into recovery mode. Re-installed and phone rebooted automatically. Then Android system automatically updated all my apps. All my data, contacts, messages, etc. were preserved.Thanks for the update.

  • Meeaaaoon

    I’ve got korean version of Gs2. I cant install the official firmware due to sms is not working in my country with korean firmware so can I install this on my phone…??

  • Dil

    wifi not working freeze on turning on plz Help 

    • Dil

       Turnd My Fone Off On Again Shazam Itz Working =) Thanx

  • Id

    FWIW, I got stuck at the “S” logo but managed to make it through with only wiping the cache.

  • Jahangir Raza Shah

    great rom. was reluctant as i have lots of apps and games, but they r all running perfectly even Shadowrun, which required chainfire3d. no prob sofar. very smooth. 
    I can only think of one downside, and it is the UI. It hasn’t changed much, smoother animation, but same as before. 
    I with samsung would buy sense or make drastic changes to touchwiz. fingers Xed

  • Sanjayshah_cs

    the first link isnt working so im downloading part 1(200mb) and part 2(149mb),, wht next?? am i supposed to flash them both seperately via odin on PDA section?

    • No…. download both parts and then extract from the first one using 7-zip software. The file you’ll get from Odin is the the one you gotta flash in Odin.

  • sanjay shah

    the first link isnt working so im downloading part 1(200mb) and part 2(149mb),, wht next?? am i supposed to flash them both seperately via odin on PDA section???

  • Ziaffaiz

    why it show “process failed” while registering in software update?

    • Ziaffaiz

      @kapil pls help

  • Ziaffaiz

    while watching video more than 1min there is a red rectangle blink through the corner of screen!! what is it ?how to solve it?

    • Ziaffaiz

      @kapil pls help

      • Which video you are talking about pls?

        • Ziaffaiz

          after upgrading to ics while we are opening the video in s2 video player and start playing the video after times there is a red color blink like a frame on 4 side of the screen….i mean you got it 

  • Viswanatha Reddy Guddeti

    Hi, I have just upgraded my S2 using your tutorial. Its Very good.i would like to mention to that
    As it everywhere said that it will delete all phone data is not true. All the data including contacts, sms,memo,call log and all applications are remains there and working. I have done only upto step 10.
    As mentioned in step 11, my phone got stuck at s screen and i was about goto next step in a minute, my phone screen shown up with a message “Android is Upgrading” then after that it displays, Optimizing applications 1 of 115 and it completed all applications. Twice i received a message ‘Java is stopped’ . I have not done factory reset or wipe cache.Android 4 startup time 31 seconds where as 2.3 is 19 seconds

    • Idtvs2

      did the upgrade last night all went smoothly and kept apps , data and personilsed settings to…. running perfectl too

  • Running perfect except the software update shows “Processing Failed”

    • Ziaffaiz

      same in my s2 also!!

    • Ziaffaiz

      did you have this problem!!
      while watching video more than 1min there is a red rectangle blink through the corner of screen!! what is it ?how to solve it?

    • gnair

      Did you get the solution for processing failed. please let me know how you solved it

  • Tamalmighty

    Any idea why The SG2’s camera didn’t update to include the features promised such as time lapse, auto focus whilst filming video, live effects, less shutter lag etc? Seems like it’s the stock camera, very disappointed as these were the features i was most looking forward to with ICS

  • Sefesoft

    After updating to this rom, the MHL connection doesn’t work anymore, when i connect the hdmi cable to the phone, it crashes. Anyone have this problem?

    • sjpn

      yes. i get the same. my screen freezes. this update hasn’t done much for me, other than let me use nova launcher…

  • Hi There. 
    I get a pass within a few seconds, and the phone reboots. I get the Samsung text, but no animated “S” logo.

    I have run this process several times, and even wiped the phone as per step 11, but phone will not start.

    Any ideas?

    • Hey, you sure you’re trying this on the right device, the Galaxy S2 i9100? If this one isn’t working for you, I would suggest you to try an older firmware first and then the the XXLPQ above again. You cna try this old firmware, XXKP8 — https://www.theandroidsoul.com/galaxy-s2-ice-creams-sandwich-leaked-firmware-xxkp8/

      • Mattchambers13

        hi kapil, i have new version installed all works perfect, i think people with problems have wrong phone model, just one thing how do we know when an updated firmware is available as kies cannot be used now, cheers

        • To get kies working, install any firmware by Samsung meant for your region. To keep track of ICS updates, subscribe to our email newsletter so you get daily free email of what’s going on on android scene. We cover almost every firmware, so you won’t be left in the dark on this.

        • Mattchambers13

          thanks, if i wanted to revert back to official samsung gingerbread and then flash via kies where would i get it, my phone is sim free but i use vodafone i note that any firmware number has (vod) after it. Im unlikely to do this though as phone is working perfectly on this ics not a single problem, it is not rooted but i just wondered how i would get back to official status, thanks again

  • Shailendra sinahg

    i tried but it got failed with the below message and not going on recovery mode showing connectivity logo .

    Firmware update start.. boot.bin Complete(Write) operation failed. All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Please help someone …

    • Hi Shailendra, you sure your device is the right one, the Galaxy S2 i9100? If yes, I would recommend you to try it again. Let me know after you’ve done that.

      • Shailendra sinahg

        yes its Glaxy S2 only i9100 please help me …

        • Try to install xxkp8 firmware, search here for its download links and instructions.

  • Ashim2712

    Camera dosent work at all.After i open the camera application,it shuts down.Why is it?

  • Upgraded smoothly. I had to update my google plus manually but no problems otherwise. Scrolling in some apps isnt as smooth as I would have liked but I’m satisfied. 🙂
    Quadrant scores;2.3.6 gingerbread 3800 – 4.0.3 ICS XXLPQ 4157

  • Faridz Mohd

    How long does it takes from connecting the USB up till the ‘PASS’ message appears? My odin is still showing ‘boot.bin’ for the past 5 mins? Is it okay?

    • Nah… umm, are you still stuck?

    • Idtvs2

      couple of minutes

  • rienhard

    My camera keeps crashing please help

  • Peteinhull

    Can’t get it to go into ‘Safe Mode’ as per step 11.1. Holding Volume up, Home and Power key together but it’s just trying to start normally and getting stuck at the ‘Samsung GALAXY SII GT-I9100’ screen. Tried several times.

    Any ideas?

    • Peteinhull

      Solved the problem. Install it again by starting again from section 5.

      • Jaskaran Singh

         I had the same problem as you Pete. Re-installation worked for me as well! Thank you!

        • Junioragyare

           Same thing happened to me…re-installing helped me too. Thanks Peteinhull and Kapil, U guys rule!!!!

    • Idtvs2

      flash it again but doent unplug it from the pc

  • VIshesh

    whenever i switch to 5.1 channel mode in music player the player hangs..plz help????

  • Idtvs2

    mine seems to have everthing?

  • Pete

    Thanks for guide.  All gone ok apart from i have strange system apps that have appeared, e.g. 3 Internet, 3MobilTV, 3Navigator and I also get a 3 splash screen on boot up.  I was on O2 before but had none of this before as the phone was unbranded.  Is this standard apps that come with this – sorry if I’m asking a really dumb question here. 

    • Link updated to the firmware in step 1 above. Please download and install again, and you won’t have those extra apps.

  • Spideyhead256

     Hi..this may seem like a really nooby question..can i install this over cwm? will cwm get erased so that the stock recovery can take it’s place? i mean on im on kl1 right now with a custom kernal which has cwm..can i flash this over it?

    • Yes you can flash it over your current firmware with cwm. CWM will be wiped but you can get root and cwm back with a guide for root linked above after the installation steps.

  • BabycheLz

    i flashed my S2 before and i tried the above mentioned steps. However I got stuck at Step 5. Boot Galaxy S2 into Download Mode in order to flash the XXLPQ firmware using Odin. For this, press and hold these keys together:Volume Down + Home + Power, you’ll get a Warning! screen.. press Volume up to continue to enter download mode.

    it just prompt me a screen Downloading….. Thats all for more than 20 mins. Please advice. 🙁

  • Romeo_madalin

    for me warks reall cool at the moment  so far so good thx verry much

  • shani

    hey could you please help me i am stuck on boot .bin step… i try again and again but did’t work.. when i go to normal start phone give a error (
    Firmware Upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again ) my phone did’t start 🙁 

    • Can you go into Download mode — Volume Down + Home + Power?

  • Hoppa

    I bricked my phone.
    Odin failed, I disconnected my phone, I’m stuck at a screen that show 2 icons a phone and a computer and I cannot even go into recovery mode.

    • shani

      hey hoppa

      i have same probplem it gave me same icon with this error (Firmware Upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again )

      if you found any soluction plz contact me and if i found any soluction i will tell u 

      my e-mail is : sahil_6922@yahoo:disqus .com


      • Stehulme

        the sofware you have is wrong

    • Can you go into Download mode — Volume Down + Home + Power?

      • Fe

        what happens if you can? I have same issue

  • SWEET!!!!! Thanks 🙂

    • Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications – and clear data for Camera app.

  • BabycheLz

    i managed to flash it successfully.. however i could not register my s2 for the official software update. any idea why ?

  • Trevor Hall

    What are the differences with the different regions? is it just languages and bloat-ware, or is there more to it than that?
    You know, like modem and phone might operate with different tel-co and country specific standards????

    I am in Australia but have the stock ROM of the latest international version ICS LPQ flashed to my i9100 though Odin.

    I was just wanting to know if there was any advantage of flashing the Australian version of ICS LPQ when it is finally released here. (however long that will take?)

    I recon my tel-co (Telstra AKA: Hellstra) will take 3-6 months if the last GB update was anything to go by. hehe.

    I’m sure there are plenty of others with similar questions.


  • Guilherme_corniani

    After step 10, my cell phone reboot but get stucked in galaxy s2 entry. i tried to enter recover mode (vol up, home, power) but it dont work. what do i need to do?

  • praks

    hello…just completing the update. all was successful upto odin showing green. got stuck wtih S logo and keeps rebooting…unable to go to vol up + home + power to factory reset..just doesn’t go to that option…pls help

  • praks

    my entire phone is down….pls help

  • Hi team, 

    i just wanna know can i update this on I9100G ?

  • Alex_o

    i get a big yellow triangle when i start my phone and i doesnt come further than that o.o help me

    • That’s normal. Don’t worry.

  • To whomever it counts. XXLPQ is crap. It lags the phone in applications (i was browsing earlier and as i scrolled down it got stuck for a second then it moved) and battery drains out like hell. I fully charged the phone this morning at 5 am. Went to sleep and when i woke up 6 hours later battery was at 58% (without even using it). There were no extra applications running in the background than i usually had on the 2.3.6 Ginger. I will try the leaked XXLPJ and see if things are getting better.

    • Guest

      Please… maybe Your phone is a crap ? In my case XXLPQ has no problem – fast and stable. Flashed no-wipe over KI4.

  • Updated my SII smoothly with no problems. Thanks for the tutorial. Now, it’s time for testing the new OS 🙂

  • Ziaffaiz

    @kapil – till you didnt inform the reason for  “processing fail” while registering to samsung disclaimer?

  • anish Sachdeva

    My Galaxy S2 version is GT-I9100G. I tried updating my phone by going to Settings>Software update..and then updating it. After it updated, it asked me to install and then it rebooted. While rebooting it got stuck in the Galaxy SII logo screen. After this I tried plenty of times rebooting it and taking out the battery and again rebooting it. It is still getting stuck there? Please please tell me what should I do? I live in India and i bought this phone from India itself. Please help me. Thank you!

  • milen

    The update installed fine – thank you. However, now when I send an SMS the recipient receives it twice – please advise.

  • milen

    the battery also drains twice as fast.
    I have found the following version of the android ice cream – I9100XWLP3 and am wondering – is this a newer one?

    • Yep, XWLP3 is a newer one. Do try that.

  • saurabh

    I feel that the battery is being drained faster also..its heating up. is this normal???

  • Sucharita_1

    Can it be used to upgrade 9100T?  How 9100T is different from International?

    • It might work but I’m not sure… you are on your own. Better search it whether i9100 roms work in i9100T or not. I think roms of Galaxy S i9000 worked on i9000T.

      • Sucharita_1

        I find i9100 and i9100T is exactly the same except the modem, which is what the Vodaphone and Telstra (the T could be Telstra) uses. now where do I get a firmware for this modem? Any ideas?

  • Ludafranc

    hi guys thanks for the post, but i have a problem after installing XXLPQ, my camera doesnot show reviews when i take pics. pls help me 

    • Enable that in settings, it should be there.

      • Ludafranc

         Hi Kapil,

        i have checked like a million times, i cant find the review option on the camera settings but i had it before i upgraded ( all what i have under settings is : Edit shortcuts, self portrait, flash, shooting mode, sceen mode, exposure value, focus mode, timer, effects, resolution, white balance, ISO, metering, outdoor visibility, anti- shake, auto contrast, blink ditection, guidelines, image quality, GPS tag, storage and reset ).
        Is there a possibility to downgrade?

        • Downgrade it easy. Install the XXKH3 firmware. Search here for download links and guide.

  • Onepetesears

    Thx for all your hard work Kapil. One final question, should Kies pick up any future official updates (it hasnt found anything in the few months ive owned the phone!). Or if I need to do manuall,is there a site which shows when XXLPQ is updated? Cheers.

    • Well, we keep posting about latest and greatest firmwares from Samsung as and when they become available/launched. So, follow us via an email subscription or on Facebook, or Google Plus, to keep yourself abreast of all firmwares that get released.

  • Question!

    Do you need to factory reset?

    • If it doesn’t boot up in 15 mins, then go to recovery mode and then do ‘Factory Reset’.

      • Question!

        Hi thanks dude!!! It says it’s installing applications now, everything seems to work fine 🙂 thank you so much!!!

  • Question!

    Oh ya and will this work on all i9100 SII? I got mine in South Africa

    • Yes, it would work on i9100.

  • Siddharth

    Hey, kapil I got my Galaxy Skyrocket from U.S.It is unlocked. Can i update it to Ice cream sandwich?? Please tell me 

    • The above is not for Skyrocket. So, don’t try the above. Search our site for Skyrocket Ice Cream Sandwich post.

  • Jonathanliew91

    In odin, it said pass. But my phone stuck at the S logo. But the thing is, after i switch it off, it will automatically reboot back which i have no time to wait 5-6 sec and go into recovery mode to clear the cache. I already tried removed the battery but same thing still occurs. Please help me.

    • Give it at least 15 mins to boot up.

  •  i cant edit, copy or paste a words…

  • prince zed

    me too…
    the select all, cut, copy, etc. cannot be use

  • prince zed

    new model galaxy s2 i9100G SUCKS!!

  • ouh oh… sorry. I think I’ve figured it out.
    I can copy and paste again.
    theres no problem at all. its perfect

  • dorikaze

    keeps telling me to set up update software cant get it off?? anyone know how to 

  • Rizwantajani

    after update my s2s imei number is changed nnow what can i do plz help me my id is rizwantajani@gmail.com

  • Tony

    Brilliant!  I thought I was stuck on the S logo but when I did the recovery mode start it just told me me it was updating (x/107 apps or similar message) which it did and all is good. thanks heaps.

  • Lol

    auto rotation cannot use!!!

  • Andy

    OMG auto rotation not working .. someone help me pls.

  • Adeel

    Thanks, that was sweet and simple! Perfect!

  • Nico

    It looks like after flashing my phone is no longer rooted. Can that be? What am I missing? (probably a lot…)

  • Amira

    It keeps failing, and now my phone won’t power up in download or reg mode!! All it shows is a cell phone icon, a triangle with an exclamation symbol in it, and a pc icon?? please help

    • You are trying it on i9100 Galaxy S2, right?

      • Amira

        yes, i9100g galaxys2 

        • DanielPayne Property

          I’m so upset right now…I don’t know what I did wrong but my phone will not get past those icons

        • I don’t think it works on i9100G… you got to flash a firmware for i9100G now to recover your phone.

          • DanielPayne Property

            I’m not as smart as you with that stuff, obviously, do you have a link or maybe a brief 1-2-3 on how I can get started doing that?

          • DanielPayne Property

            Sorry, this is still, Amira, it’s just using my business name on my email now, for some reason.

          • Mayank Vasandani

             Kapil I need help man. The same problem and display as this guy but the added problem is that now it does not get detected by Odin….

          • Have you flashed XXLPQ?

          • You can install this firmware, called XXLB1, on your i9100G.
            Link — http://www.hotfile.com/dl/149703615/0c9c3af/I9100GXXLB1_I9100GATOKL1_ATO.zip.html
            Installation is very similar, so just download the firmware and give it a try. Let me know if help needed.

  • Sneak_96

    dose xxlpq have arabic language ? 

  • Samitha Jayasundara

    Thanks a lot for the upload, just follow your clear steps and tell u what, IT JUST WORKS PERFECTLY 😀 thumbs up guys….. The only point to make is that, when rebooting it takes a while in fact few minutes move ahead from that S logo and every body I think should wait there for a while prior to attempting a reboot in recovery mood……….

  • Nelis van Rooyen

    The upgrade worked 1st time.
    Only one problem though, since the upgrade I cannot download from the Play Store anymore…
    It hangs at downloading…
    Restarted the phone, upgraded to the newest version of Play Store, cleared data and cache…
    Still not working

    • Adliben10

      i also found that i can’t use the internet using 3G data pakage. 

      • Fill the APN settings under mobile and networks settings to get data 2G/3G) working.

    • Nelis van Rooyen

      Problem solved…
      Was APN settings after all…

  • Redelite


  • Yujc96

    after upgrade, i cant useing music player HELP!!!!!!!!

  • Zubru916

    should i root the phone to do these steps???rooting is neccesary or not????

  • Soffian Mohamad

    i cant download apps from google play after upgrading.
    i also did the apn settings. still error 941. please help.

  • stark

    i love it

  • jahwi

    It works but I found some bugs:
    1)With wifi….everytime it disconnects and connects
    2)With the reproductor of music….sometimes it play a song with distorsion and very slow
    3)Sometimes it take a few time to reappear the menu again when you finished other aplication
    The only way to resolve this is reboot the phone, because i tried the two wipe and doesn’t work….anyone have the same issues or just me??

    • haider

      i also had this issue, but not with this version, it was with the beta version.. try to install this version.. and check in settings about phone that do u have xxlpq or not.. 

    • haider

      i also had this issue, but not with this version, it was with the beta version.. try to install this version.. and check in settings about phone that do u have xxlpq or not.. 

    • haider

      i also had this issue, but not with this version, it was with the beta version.. try to install this version.. and check in settings about phone that do u have xxlpq or not.. 

      • jahwi

        No men i use the right link and installed the I9100XXLPQ_I9100OXALPQ_I9100XXLPQ_HOME.tar so i´ve had the same issues

        • re you still facing those problems you mentioned above? I would recommend you to do Factory Reset from Recovery, and also Fix Permissions, under the Advanced option of recovery.

          • bkeshwah

            I have upgraded and everything is working great, except I am having a problem with browsing from wireless accesspoints. It connects to the access point and shows that I am getting a signal. but if a launch firefox or anyother browser and don’t get connected… Would the factory Reset IN CWM correct this??

  • nrgopalin

    Successfully updated from 2.3.6 to ICS 4.0.3 on my Galaxy S2, I didn’t uninstall Samsung Kies software from my system. Everything went fine, Thank you very much for this guide..

  • MnagalaxyII

    This has so many bugs. My contacts don’t work as smooth as before. I cant add new contacts. I cant edit contacts. Contacts crashes everytime. I get absurd notifications for example your battery voltage is too high when my phone is not even being charged. This firmware needs update, and fast.

    • Do Factory Reset from recovery mode, that should fix this. Or, simply ‘clear data’ of contacts app under settings – app.

      • along with clearing data from contacts app, you have to clear data from ‘Contacts storage’ as well.

        • Aha, thanks for the info.

  • Aung

    i was install according to your instruction.
    but battery life is very first to drain and also ph Display also so hot.

    so how can i continue for that ..
    any idea ? for installation of LPQ 

  • howardthewebb

    I followed the instructions to the letter, and seem to have bricked my phone. It endlessly loops on the first Galaxy sII screen. Holding volume down, home + power works, but the device is no longer seen by the PC, so cannot repeat process from scratch. Holding volume up, home + power doesn’t work, so can’t do factory reset. Power button does not work to turn phone off, have to pull battery to get out of cycle. Looks like an expensive repair job for me… :-(?

    • Are you still stuck? Let me know if yes, i’ll try to help you out. And you sure your device is international Galaxy S2, model number i9100?

      • at first had the same issue as howardthewebb but it is working now. thanks.

        • You mean all of this:

          1. Can’t go to recovery mode.
          2. Can go to download mode.
          3. PC is not recognizing anymore.


          • Mufcmark

             Kapil you are a freakin genius, thank you so much. I was stuck in the samsung screen with the yellow triangle followed your instructions to the letter et voila anew samsung. Cheers mate.

  • Jesterogue

    Umm… is anyone experiencing gpu problems? 

    I cant set any camera pic as my wallpaper. Gallery hangs after the re-sizing screen
    Also, some live wallpapers are blotchy and pixelated… is that normal??

    • Jesterogue

      Okay…restored to factory settings thru recovery…

      camera thing solved, but live wallpapers are still pixelated…as if they’re set to a lower resolution… what do i do??

    • Jesterogue

      BTW… thank you so much for this… highly appreciated… you must have worked exceptionally hard on this and not to recognize that would be foolish… so bravo… hats of to you…

  • Parminder_pec

    using this update in India…. flawless update….everythin workin fine..battery backup has increased….as specified that this update is for Baltic, Poland, Hungary and other Nordic countries only hope there is no problem if im using it in india ..plz comment

    • It’s okay… you won’t have any problem using it in India. I’m using this on my S2, too.

      • Javidmansoor2009

        whether we hav do these steps after installing ice cream sandwich OS on phone

        • Do the steps above to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on your phone.

          • Javidmansoor2009

            after 11th step whether we have to do those steps 

          • If it boots up fine, then no need to do those steps.

          • Javidmansoor2009

            if it gets rebooted then it will automatically go to home screen ya

          • As said in step 11, if it boots up fine, then okay, you are good. Don’t do step 11.1 to 11.4. and simply proceed to step 12. That’s it. 🙂

  • Osayidv

    Pls help, I updated to 4.0m and was working fine for day and suddenly started going off and on and right now cant use the phone. how to I revise back to gingerbread 2.3.6? Ples help

  • Pushkarsp16

    hey guys,
    i was trying to update s2 firmware. the phone got stuck in bootloader.i had not synced the phone with kies on desktop so couldn’t resume the update.hence i decided to flash ICS files from above.the odin is repeatedly failing to flash the file. also now my phone is stuck with phone to cell link, with yellow alert mark!!! i can get in neither download nor system recovery mode!please help!

    • I think the firmware download for corrupted… redownload it and make sure it doesn’t get corrupted, or broken. Try again, then.

  • Downtofish

    Worked well on my GS2 without a hitch.. this process was a whole lot more successful than that joke of a program KIES

  • Frankiya

    Hi…. am not getting 3G on my phone.. if it does come its for less than a Second. Please advise on what i can do to get it. thanks.

  • niks666

    wifi tethering not wroking….showing error…but wifi is wworking flawlessly,,,help pls

  • lokemw

    Hey dude. Thanks very much for all of this. I managed to flash my S2 to ICS. Everything works fine except for the Polaris Office. Now I can’t open any doc or xls file with it. Any idea why? Thanks once again.

  • faruq

    I have a problem, When do the processing. I do process 1 to 10 very carefully but didn’t get complete message. in odin message box i saw now aded and remove message. My phone is not turn on now. How i can turn on of my phone. Pls help ………

  • faruq

    Hi.. It’s Faruq again. Now i see in my phone screen in Yellow ! sign in middle with Mobile and computer logo…… Still my phone didn’t turn on….. Pls help…

    • Hello Faruq, are you still stuck with your Galaxy S2? Let me know if you are I will help you out. It’s easy, btw, I think just flashing the firmware again might fix it. Just make sure you are trying this on right device, the Galaxy S2 model number i9100, and not i9100G.

      Also, simply doing the step 11 might also fix it. Do the step 11 first and if doesn’t fixes it, do all the steps above again, including download the firmware again in case the earlier download got corrupted.

  • shafeek

    hi there

    i have galaxy s2 I900xxki4

    is it possible to update to ice creme sandwitch

    • Yes, it’s easily possible. just follow the guide above and you’ll be on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in no time.

  • I followed the instructions to the letter, and received the PASS message, however the phone stucks on SII galaxy Screen. Holding volume up, home + power doesn’t work, so can’t do factory reset, any other suggestion to bump out my cell phone?? Tks in advance

  • Sam George

    I tried the Android 4.0.3 ICS update in my Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile as described above, it was perfectly done. Thanks Kapil. Ice cream sandwhich is not that much attractive as I expected. But it is not bad. Ginger bread and ICS are having a few changes in the User Interface styles. If somebody is eagered to see ICS User Interface, they may do this update, Otherwise Gingerbread is quite enough. I don’t like ICS more than Gingerbread. Both are attractive.
    Waiting for another update from Android.
    Kapil, is any updates available from Google for this ICS 4.0.3 ? If any updates availble, how to update it on my phone ?, Is auto update is possible, or manual update is the only way ? How to manually update it ? Can you please tell us ? Thanks.

    • Yes you are right, there aren’t much differences in Galaxy S2 Android 2.3 and Android 4.0 firmware, because of the Touchwiz UI overlaid on both.
      Actually there are some updates from Google after the Android 4.0.3. It’s Android 4.0.4, IMM76D, but even newer is the IMM76I, still on 4.0.4. You don’t have it on S2 as an update from Samsung, but there are various custom roms which get you IMM76I. It’s not much anyway, so you are okay on 4.0.3. No need to bother.

      • Sam George

        thanks very much..!

  • Sam George

    Will you please tell us how to do the “Screenshot capture” ..???

    • Sam George

      in Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0.3

    • Hold Volume Down and Power key to take a screenie.

  • darky

    what is the pass code for zip file on media fire ????

  • Khes

    SInce installing ICS I cant download software from play store. Please advise. Thanks

    • Is internet working on your phone? Connect to WiFi or fill in APN settings if you plan to use mobile internet (2G/3G).
      There is no other reason why it wouldn’t work.Also, make sure you have added one gmail account under settings » Accounts and Sync. Let me know after you’ve done all this.

  • Abhishek

    Hi Kapil, i did all the steps till Step 6, but ODIN is not detecting my phone at all. I downloaded the drivers you provided but still. and i have a GT I9100. Could you please advise

    • No idea why it won’t detect your phone. Try this: restart both phone and PC. Switch off phone. Remove battery for 4-5 seconds and then place it back. Then, use any other USB plug to connect phone to computer. Don’t use USB 3.0 on Laptop. Also, if you have desktop, use the USB plug in the back side. Do all this and let me know whether it works or not. Also, use the USB cable that came with phone.

  • Ma

    I have done this update via Kies (I’m in Brazil) and I can see many ICS features are not there, namely
    Resizable widgets, continuous “open microphone” experience and streaming voice recognition, Redesigned Gallery app with photo editor, Live Effects for transforming video, and Use your voice to command your device.

    Does anyone know anything about this? The version here says 4.03.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Those are features of ICS, but not all features of ICS are adopted by the manufacturers, hence some of them are missing on your S2. Nexus has those features because it runs stock ICS, but S2 and other phones have customized versions of ICS and the companies don’t always put it all features.

  • Shaz Khan

    i updated my phone through this update but through my phone now i have so many problems like i have to manual boot each time i switch on my phone! it switches off whenever it wants to, over heats wen it wants to!

  • Shaz Khan

    ive updated my phone like this but now i have many problems like i have to do a manual boot every time it switches off when it wants to when i switch it on it says
    ‘logo.jpg’ draw failed anyone have a solution for this please email me at shazkhan42@gmail.com

    • Flash the firmware again. It shouldn’t happen.

  • RAJESSH_01

    hello i installed ics 4.0 as per u r installation guide its really working good i found the speed has improved and all other apps working fine thanks …. but the only issue i have is the volume quality and strength has gone down if the volume setting is at 7 its almost mute …please help regarding this….

  • Saugat Pulami

    Guys help phone stuck at galaxy sII logo..
    Nothing works..
    Doesnt start at recovery mode…
    Please help!!!

    • Remove battery for 4-5 seconds and then insert it back. Try to boot into recovery mode now by pressing and holding 3 buttons together: Volume Up+Home+Power. When it boots into recovery mode, do a factory reset. And then reboot it from there. This should boot it fine. And, all of this is for i9100, not for i9100G, so make sure you have the right device.

    • rizwantajani@gmail.com

      u want sell ur dad s2 so contect me on 09376220003

  • hello i installed ics 4.0 as per u r installation guide its really working good i found the speed has improved and all other apps working fine thanks …. but the only issue i have is the volume quality and strength has gone down if the volume setting is at 7 its almost mute …please help regarding this.

  • did anyone have the problem as me?the lock screen wont come out..even when i activate the screen lock option,meaning my s2 ont locked the phone.but the os got install,the problem only the screen lock

    • zOnY

      Yes I m in KSA same problem with me. Lock Screen and all security options not working. Even with all other ICS version also… like XLWPD Official. Any Solutions?

    • Mista

      Here is the solution for lock screeen, Enjoy ICS 😉


  • victor

    Hi Kapil!
    Thanks for this information. I have just flash my GS2 as instructed and all went well… I think… I got the “Android is upgrading…” screen and passed the applications upgrade. Whoever, since 30minutes I am “stopped” at the “Upgrading Contacts database.” with a rotating animated circle on the left handside. Waiting… Is this normal, as it takes time to upgrade my contacts database? How long do you think it is reasonable to wait until concluding that something went wrong? Many thanks in advance! Victor.

    • It should not take more than 5-10 mins at that little upgrade stage… I think it’s stuck at contacts… anyway, remove battery and then put it back and then reboot. This should fix it.

      • victor

        Hi Kapil! I let the phone upgrading for the night and woke up with the case closed… so it really took some time to go through the upgrade process (I do have a lot of contacts…). Now all is good: works smoothly and all data are in place. Just have to customize back my screen with the app (all are installed and running). Great! I am very happy… thanks to you! Have a great day! Vic.

        • Nice! Enjoy the ICS!!

  • Gagan

    does this works with GT-I9100?

  • Gagan

    does this works with GT-I9100G?

  • zOnY


    I have tried installing different version of ICS 4.03 to my SGS2 but unfortunately the same problem arises in all as mentioned below:
    Screen Lock function and other security options in settings like PIN CODE, PASSWORD even the SLIDE is not working.
    When I activate the screen lock and press power button it just closes the screen and then it returns to the home screen without any security patters or slide etc.
    Otherside when you keep press the power button it just turned off immediately and vibrated. Then I have to open it again. in 2.3.6 when you keep pressed Power button it gives you out some options like Silent Mode, Data Network mode, Flight Mode and Power Off. In ICS its just switching off…. I have searched many forums and I think this kind of problem happening in Middle East ?
    Please advice. ASAP.

    • DR

      this problem me too. My phone is Korean model SHW-M250S. I update this version. but screen Lock function and other security options in settings like PIN CODE, PASSWORD even the SLIDE is not working. please help me

      • farhan

        first root your phone with odin then install terminal emulater form android market Open it and type this “ON” in location /efs/imei/keystr……..you have to create keystr file than open it and write on……done problm solved

        • zohaib

          how to use terminal emulator i have install it but got confused plz help me

  • Saurabh

    Thanks a lot for this, my phone was stuck with soft brick, after pressing all 3 buttons i followed these instructions and my phone rebooted and started working. Thanks a ton for the detailed points

  • ravi

    its all jam nothing works help me im in saudi arabia

  • sukumar

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  • dex

    Follow GalaxyS2Root. Much better instructions

  • AG

    mine stuck with phone and pc image with black screen. can’t restart my S2 anymore…HELPPPPPP MEEEE

    • AG

      Anyone pls help

      • rizwantajani@gmail.com

        hi u want sell ur dad s2 so plz cont. me on 09376220003

    • Well , that should not happen. Did the process complete in Odin? Did you get PASS or FAIL message on Odin’s top left? Have you followed each and every step very very carefully. It’s working everyone, you should try again 🙂

  • roandroid

    Odin stops at “get PIT for mapping”:…tried restarting PC and using different USB port..but does not work:(…Please help!

    • Are you selecting the Re-Partition checkbox, which you do not have to? That’s why it is asking for pit file. Leave Re-Partition checkbox un-ticked.

      • roandroid

        Hi Kapil, thanks for the reply. Nope, I am keeping it unticked. I tried removing the battery and reinstalling the drivers via KIES and rebooting but ODIN keeps getting stuck at either PIT Mapping or Boot.bin or most of the times it is failing completely :(…this is the latest from ODIN Log
        Added!! Enter CS for MD5.. Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable.. Please wait.. GT-I9100_SER_I9100XWLP2_I9100OXELP4_I9100XXLPQ.tar.md5 is valid. Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully.. Leave CS.. Odin v.3 engine (ID:4).. File analysis.. SetupConnection.. Initialzation.. Get PIT for mapping.. Firmware update start.. boot.bin NAND Write Start!! Complete(Write) operation failed. All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1) Removed!!

        • Try this: Close Odin, disconnect phone and then restart both phone and PC. Switch off phone. Remove battery for 4-5 seconds and then place it back. Then, use any other USB plug to connect phone to computer. Don’t use USB 3.0 on Laptop. Also, if you have desktop, use the USB plug in the back side. Do all this and let me know whether it works or not. Also, use the USB cable that came with phone.

          • roandroid

            Hi Kapil, Tried that. Used 2 ports at the back. When I initially connect the phone, Windows 7 installs the drivers and I wait till ODIN says added…but when I flash, I still get the above log and FAIL:(…I tried rebooting and using all ports. Dunno whats the problem.
            read somewhere online…..someone said wipe the cache and Factory reset in recovery mode…But when I tried getting to recovery mode it says. Firmware encountered and issue and please try selecting Recovery mode in KIES but KIES does not connect too!!:(

          • Do one thing.. try with this new Odin, link: http://www.mediafire.com/?189h7dqldccnrq8

          • rizwantajani@gmail.com

            hi u want sell ur dad s2 so plz cont. me on 09376220003

          • rizwantajani@gmail.com

            hi u want sell ur dad s2 so plz cont. me on rizwan 09376220003

  • Apurv

    Kapil, Thanks for all the great work. I installed this on my SGS2 and it works well. Only 2 problems, i) screen gets heated up ii) i cant connect to bluetooth headsets it says password is wrong, but i dont have a place to enter password.

    Please help

    • Some times, using it too much right after you’ve installed the new rom/firmware on your phone, doesn’t allow new kernels and all things to complete their background processing. So, keep phone idle for 10 mins or so and then switch it off. Then, power it on and I hope it won’t overheat like it’s doing now. Although, no guarantee.

      And, sry, no idea about the Bluetooth password thing.

  • eric

    I cannot switch on my Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE NTT DOCOMO since i tried to upgrade android 4. Can anyone help me to solve this issue. THanks

  • Sanket

    When i clicked on start after couple of minutes it got failed so as per the instructions i removed my battery and reinserted it and tried getting into download mode but it wont go it is stuck on some weird logo which shows an exclamation mark between the phone and PC
    Please help

  • thanx man its work perfect… :))))

  • tish

    hi @itskapil:disqus really want to upgrade my sgs2 to ics.. i followed every instructions.. installed all the requirements but odin3 still cannot add my device on it.. no ID:COM showing neither “ADDED” message on the message box.. please help me what should i do??

  • sham

    this firmware have a Rosmary font or not?

  • Casey

    Thanks a million..
    Just upgraded my Samsung Galaxy I9100 and everything went well.. Am loving the new feel.. 😉

  • intran

    how to start back the hone to normal setting if the installation fails . im having problem to start back the phone after the installation fails . a symbol warning in between phone and computer showing which i couldnt on the phone . please help me

  • Farhan

    Thanks for this firmware
    installed this firmware but getting problems in 1……. wifi. wifi automatically stops while in idle mode after 1 r 2 hours (sometimes)…. 2…..3D effect is not smooth… 3……..games get closed while playing it sys that ” unfortunately this game has stop working” 4…… calender is not sync with facebook5……yellow sign at start up of andriod.
    How to get rid of abv all …. plzzzz guid me waiting for your responce

  • awais

    on first attempt , in message box there is success 0 and failed 1. and then my phone is not power on. there is symbol like (computer and phone and wire connecting them). now tell me what to do my phone is stuck at that symbol. i try both method of opening in download mode or in recovery mode. now help me plz.

  • sam

    i cant reboot nor enter recovery mode , i have 19100g, plz help

  • does this work for the i9100M?

  • Trinide

    you have my respect

  • rahul

    thnx!! everything works fine. but when i connect it with kies uder the firmware head it shows” the device connot upgrade via kies” can u pls help

  • Sherif

    Hello Mr. Kapil… please tell me is it support Arabic keyboard? …waiting for your answer.

  • Sohom Bhowmick

    It is showing me sign which connect the computer to mobile

  • quraishmy

    HI, thanks for the Android 4. I upgrade just now n its seems to be great so far.
    question. JB 4.1 will be for S2 or not. I saw the JB 4.1 its seems great to me.

  • Hey guys, thanks for this. Since I flashed XXLPQ to my SGS2, every three seconds or so it freezes and I get the message that android.process.acore has stopped. It’s making the phone pretty much unusable – is there something I can do to stop this? Thanks!

  • Tore Christiansen


    My first upgrade to v. 4.0.3 worked perfectly. (and I should have remained there 🙁 )

    BUT,curiosity killed the cat! I downloaded the new v. 4.0.4 upgrade and attempted to
    install in the same way as previously. PROBLEMS!!

    Using KIES,having set the Galaxy S II in Osin receive modus,it could not find the USB
    port. I then remembered your advice to remove Kies and I un-installed it.

    Following your points EXACTLY I started Odin and plugged in my Galaxy.
    A green field came up displaying the COM port.
    I activated the PDA button and loaded up the new upgrade file.
    I then hit START and waited for Odin to connect with my Galaxy.

    The top left window turned red and no connection!!

    I also tried the various repeat actions you recommended but no dice,still not connecting.

    Checking the Win 7 system manager,the Samsung Galaxy USB driver was listed and running correctly.

    I am stuck in no-man´s-land now as I have no option to return to base,only to upgrade the firmware.

    I ´d very much appreaciate your advice.

    Tore Christiansen

  • Tore Christiansen

    Hi again..

    Using EXACTLY the method you recommended,I re-installed v. 4.0.3 which worked perfectly!

    I think it must have been the v. 4.0.4 I had downloaded from the Internet which must have been in-compatible or faulty.

    Any idea when the v. 4.0.4 will be available from this site?

    Thanks anyway..


  • Sanu

    can you contact me on sanusu@gmail.com for unrooting of s2?

  • Sameer Nasree

    my phone cannot open the camera and gallery. keep telling media running. please help

  • Thank you SO MUCH! For some weird reason, couldnt update my phone either OTA or via the wonderful Kies software. I’m VERY happy to have ICS. Now shut up and take my mon…thanks!

  • adepp23

    my s2 was faster with gingerbread 2.3.3. Could you please tell me how to downgrade to android 2.3.3?

  • Once you install this on your phone, your USB connection is dead…

  • Zanek

    I have just upgraded my I9100 which had Gingerbread 2.3.6 on a phone from Telcel Mexico. I followed your steps exactly and the process went through flawlessly. Thank you so much!

  • Miko93

    excuse me,can i flash this rom(I9100XXLPQ_I9100OXALPQ_XEO.zip) on my gt19100 with baseband version 19100DXLP7. Thanks in advance.

  • lee

    how do we extract file into tar file, iam getting image n am stuck pls tel me wat to do???

  • ashraf

    Now, download the Odin software which you’ll need to flash the XXLPQ on your Galaxy S2 i9100. Download Link. Filename: Odin3 v1.83.exe

    there is no any link

  • Cannot connect my phone to wifi…..please help.
    Everything installed successfully still cannot connect to wifi.

  • rperez

    It doesnt work it is still froozen on the S symbol and I cannot reset or do nothing… and when I press all the buttons at the same time and I press volume up it goes directly to odin… help my email is rafaelperezberrios@gmail.com

  • rperez

    Never mind its working great. The problem was that I did it with 20% of battery. Thanks…

  • Just tried this today and it worked perfectly. Didnt get stuck anywhere and didnt erase any existing data, contacts, apps, or settings. Thanks a million

  • Asun

    Updated fine. Only but HUGE issue is that usb is gone. adb connection just doesn’t find the device. HELP!!!!

  • saikat

    dont i need bootloader and csc file..

  • Indu

    I seem to have lost my root access after installing this rom. Everything is working fine. Before adding custom rom, I had rooted my phones. Now Superuser is installed but I am unable to add any rot user applications. Any suggestions how to go ahead with this?

  • Eveh

    My phone was still using an old software 2. something! It stopped registering my SIM and I was looking at losing a lot of info etc as the shop said it would have to be sent away to be reset etc. I used the above and updated my software and now my phone is like a new. It feels like having a new phone in the same shell, its fantastic. Thank you!!

  • Faisal

    thank you so much from the core of my heart, you people made my problem solved, I really really thanks to you

  • ashraf

    i have changed my s2 jellybean to slim bean I don’t like this so how I can go back to jellybean

  • ashraf

    my s2 mobile not connecting to my laptop after I instal slim bean

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