Xperia XZ goes for pre-registration in India

Sony has moved pretty quickly in India and has opened pre-registration for the Xperia XZ, the device it released only today at the IFA. The price isn’t available right now, but it shouldn’t take long when Sony starts confirming pre-registration for orders.

The XZ packs in some serious punch for the spec-sheet, even though it’s relying on the Snapdragon 820 processor when we expect other upcoming major launches like new HTC Google phones — not Nexus, you know! — to house Snapdragon 821/823 processor.

The XZ’s highlight feature is its camera, or better said, cameras. It houses a solid 23MP triple-imaging cam at the rear, with massive 13MP sensor at its front. Have a look at the image below to get a grasp of XZ’s camera’s features.


Apart from that, it’s the dual-sim model of Xperia XZ that will come to India, and will have 3GB RAM and 64GB storage, apart from 5.2″ display at Full HD, 2900 mAh battery capacity, Android Marshmallow (Nougat not coming as pre-installed, sadly!), and has a fingerprint scanner on its body that weighs 161 grams and is 8.1 mm thick only.

Interested in buying?

Pre-register for Xperia XZ here

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