Download Xperia X Compact Driver [USB & ADB]

Released only a few days earlier, we already have the specific driver for the Xperia X Compact. The device packs in some solid specs in a small body size, thus a blessing for those who love to keep relatively smaller phones around that are easy to use with one hand.

With 3GB RAM, 32GB storage and Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor inside, coupled with solid 23MP camera (5MP in front), ¬†everything beneath the 4.6″ HD display of Xperia X Compact screams quality. It comes with Marshmallow pre-installed, but Nougat is promised by Sony.

If you have bought one, or plan to buy one, it’s good to have right driver installed on your PC. We have both the USB and ADB drivers available for download below, which will help your PC recognize the device when you connect it (with that quick dum-dum sound, of course).

Download Xperia X Compact Driver

Do let us know if you need any help in this regard.

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