Xperia E4 gets LTE Connectivity, evolves into the Xperia E4g

With smartphones manufacturers increasingly discarding 3G in favor of the newer and faster 4G technology, Sony has recently announced the launch of its Xperia E4g, which is a result of company’s attempt to create a LTE supported version of the Xperia E4 which will likely ship come April with a price tag of around €129.


The Xperia E4, which already boasted of 1 GB RAM paired with 8 GB of internal storage along with 5-MP rear and 2 MP front clickers is expected to retain all its previous specs with the only changes occurring around the connectivity portion and the processors — which have gone up to 1.5 GHz from 1.3 GHz — in fact Sony has managed to offer a battery life of two days, even while retaining the same old 2300 mAh battery used in the 3G-only variant, which is a bit surprising given that the LTE consumes significantly more power than its predecessor.

For more details, do check out Sony’s official blog here.

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