Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G to receive Android 5.1 update unofficially soon, screenshot already out!

Xiaomi is exactly the modern Chinese company the world needed, given its inexpensive quality products and innovative style of operating. But as much as we like the company, we really don’t feel satisfied when it comes to timely software updates from the company, especially when the device in question is not its flagship.

The Redmi Note 4G is yet to see an official Android 5.0 Lollipop update, so it goes without saying that if you were looking to rock 5.1 on your Note 4G soon, your dream is well misplaced. But you can achieve this soon, via unofficial means, once the work on Cyanogenmod custom ROM is finished, whose v12.1 will bring the Android 5.1 update to your Redmi Note 4G.

Cyanogenmod and Xiaomi’s own MIUI are first two popular ROMs on Android scene, and while MIUI’s interest among people faded away over time, CM only garnered more interest because it was based off pure stock Android UI, and with Android 4.0 and its Holo UI, CM always had an upper hand in stark contrast to MIUI, that was inspired from Apple’s iOS, looked so out of depth and style in front of CM.

MIUI has made a stunning comeback in its last huge update in version 6.3x. The UI seems very modern, but still, when compared to Lollipop UI based CM, it’s slightly behind. Nevertheless, on latest update, MIUI is pretty awesome ROM UI wise.


Developer syhost is said to be working on the Android 5.1 update for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G, and once his work about CM12.1 hits the web, which we will be sure of sharing, you’ll be able to upgrade to 5.1 — it’s lovely, you’ll find out!

The screenshot you see above was shared by user SHIVAMMALLIK, and if he’s to be believed, the 5.1 update for Redmi Note 4G isn’t very far now.

Via MIUI Forums
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