Xiaomi Mi4 Wooden Back Covers Price set at 69 yuan. Look Fantabulous!

xiaomi mi4 wooden back covers

Xiaomi showcased some amazing back covers for its Mi4 earlier, and staying true to its word, the company has now released the wooden back covers. You have as many as 6 wooden back covers to choose from, with each costing you 69 yuan ($11). Colors available are: bamboo, pale, rosewood, white oak, walnut, and dark woods.

Motorola was first to launch wooden back with Moto X (2013), and followed it with Moto X 2nd gen (2014). Recently OnePlus team also launched wooden backs for their OnePlus One, and we think their upcoming OnePlus Two will also have this privilege.

Honestly, these wooden back covers look darn cool, no doubt very hard to resist, and it’s certainly pretty inviting price for a Xiaomi Mi4 user residing in China. I really hope Xiaomi launches these back covers in India too, where it’s set to release Mi4 on January 28. And of course, that monster of a flagship killer, the Mi Note Pro, could use this sort of beauty too, of Xiaomi ever makes them available for it.

We recently did a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G review and we did mention that it’s got some cool accessories to go with, but Mi4 leads the pack now with back covers this cool. Unless other Xiaomi devices get it, Mi4 is the envy of its brothers.

xiaomi-mi4-wooden-back-covers-colors xiaomi-mi4-wooden-back-cover

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