Xiaomi Mi Note Pro features revised Snapdragon 810 chip, Improved heat and performance parameters

Remember the heating issues that caused many major manufacturers to shift from using the Snapdragon 810 to other alternative processors and led many such as Samsung, to start mass production and use of home-grown chips. Although, heating issues apart the Snapdragon 810 is still one of the fastest processors out there as many others continue relying upon Qualcomm as their only source of processing units, but the excessive temperature spikes continue to pose a serious threat to the future of the Snapdragon 810.

However, a recent news has raised our hopes on the topic of Snapdragon survival. It seems that the the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro — announced way back in January and launched only yesterday — which packs the 810 shows great improvement in performance as well as heat management. How did this magic happen? Well, as it turns out, we have a massive team effort by Xiaomi and Qualcomm engineers to thank, who worked together to resolve the heat and performance related issues that could have otherwise plagued the Note Pro experience. Xiaomi, apparently sent 20 of its engineers to Qualcomm HQ to work out a solution to the heating issues for the Note Pro and whatever they cooked up together, did the trick.


The device temperature now stays within reasonable limits and HD games can run for extended periods of time without burning the skin off your hands. The Xiaomi Note Pro also sports a specially developed heat dissipation system consisting of 3 single and 1 double layered graphite cooling pins that helps keep the temprature even lower. For example 20 minutes of gaming led to an operating temperature of just 36.3 degrees Celsius (97.3 F) which is quite reasonable.


When run through the AnTutTu benchmark tests, a considerable spike in performance was also noted. The device led over the original Snapdragon 810 powered HTC One M9 and LG G Flex 2 by a considerable margin, scoring 63,424 points in the process which also introduces it to the elite club of 60k+ scorers with other members including the likes of Samsung’s Exynos 7420 powered Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. This dramatic increase can be credited to the enhanced thermal management, since heating issues don’t cause the chipset to accelerate quite so aggressively and enable it to give out more over an extended time period.


Moving on to the first device which is employing what is being called as the Snapdragon 810 v2.1, The Mi Note Pro comes with a 5.7-inch 2K display along with 4GB of LPPDR4 RAM and a 13MP camera. Oh and did we mention the dedicated audio amplifiers? or the rear 3D curved glass build and a front 2.5D curved glass design? All this paired with a 3090 mAh battery and the latest Snapdragon combine to make it a phone worth watching out for, even at the $483 price tag which it carries. Actually, considering the specs that are on offer, specially at the said price. The device will be available for sale in China starting May 12th.

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Source: PhoneArena