Xiaomi Mi Headphones Price set at $80 approx

Xiaomi Mi headphones

We’re truly in awe of the new Xiaomi sets: Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, each packing in dramatically awesome hardware for their respective price of 2,299/2,799 yuan ($370/$450) and 3,299 yuan ($530) respectively. And that’s not all Xiaomi had in store today, it also announce a killer headphones set, aptly named Mi Headphones.

Xiaomi Mi headphones feature a 50mm beryllium diaphragm speakers for better bass sound tat’s more powerful and natural, and follow a semi-acoustic structure. The interchangeable ear covers allow you to switch between over-ear and in-ear type on the fly, looking at the internals, it’s got straight silver-plated wire that should result in better audio signal transmission. Lastly, there is 32-ohm impedance which Xiaomi claims is perfect for listening on-the-go, and that completes the list for Xiaomi Mi Headphones.

Xiaomi is looking to sell the Mi headphone to you for 499 yuan, around $80. Now, how good (or bad) is that? Well, we’ll be able to give our 2 cents on that once we’ve tried them ourselves.

For now, if you are residing in China, you can look forward to trying them out in nearby Xiaomi store, and if nothing else, there are two great, great devices in Mi Note and Mi Note Pro to look forward to.

More Pics of Xiaomi Mi Headphones

Xiaomi-Mi-headphones-50mm-diaphragm-speaker Xiaomi-Mi-headphones-semi-acoustic-structure Xiaomi-Mi-headphones-2 Xiaomi-Mi-headphones-3

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