Xiaomi Mi 6 Pie update news and more: Android 9 may or may not be released; Stable MIUI 10.2.1 and beta 9.2.21 available [download]

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February 18, 2019: The Mi 6 has a new update that installs MIUI Xiaomi has yet to provide the full changelog and download links for manual installation, but some early adopters say besides the usual performance optimizations and bug fixes, the new update also installs November 2018 security patches, which is not unusual coming from Xiaomi.

The MIUI 10.2.1 update is available over the air for a few select users for feedback purposes and once the company is okay with the performance, a wider rollout will commence, so be patient.

January 28, 2019: A new MIUI 10 beta 9.1.24 update is available for the Mi 6 and being a weekly update, it focuses more on bug fixes and optimizations. Even so, the update is still based on Android Oreo, although we don’t expect an update to Pie until somewhere towards the end of Q1 or maybe in Q2 2019.

As for what the new beta 9.1.24 brings forth, we have the entire coverage here.

January 19, 2019: Xiaomi Mi 6 has a new software update that installs MIUI 10 beta version 9.1.17. The update, as expected, brings along a bunch of goodies that include bug fixes, optimizations, and stability improvements to what is incomplete software.

The update is airborne, but you can already grab the download file from the table below and install it manually with the help of our guide on how to install MIUI 10 update on any Xiaomi device.

Original article below:

Xiaomi Mi 6 was launched in April 2017 and comes preinstalled with Android 7.1.1 Nougat with MIUI 8 on top. Being a high-end Xiaomi phone, the Mi 6 is entitled to at least two major OS upgrades and probably two more MIUI updates. So far, one major OS is already out and there’s one more. The phone has also received one MIUI update and a second one, MIUI 10, is here.

On this page, we highlight everything you need to know in regards to the Xiaomi Mi 6 software updates, be it MIUI-based updates or Android OS-based updates.

Xiaomi Mi 6 update timeline

DateSoftware versionDownload linkChangelog
21 Feb 2019MIUI 10 9.2.21 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery updateBug fixes and improvements
18 Feb 2019MIUI 10.2.1 (stable) | Android 8.0Recovery updateInstalls stable MIUI update with performance optimizations, bug fixes and November 2018 security patch
17 Jan 2019MIUI 10 9.1.17 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery updateBug fixes and optimizations
10 Jan 2019MIUI 10 9.1.10 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery updateBug fixes
20 Dec 2018MIUI 10 8.12.20 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot updateBug fixes
13 Dec 2018MIUI 10 8.12.13 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot updateBug fixes and optimizations
06 Dec 2018MIUI 10 8.12.6 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot updateBug fixes and improvements
29 Nov 2018MIUI 10 8.11.29 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot updateBug fixes and improvements
22 Nov 2018MIUI 10 8.11.22 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot updateBug fixes and enhancements
11 Oct 2018MIUI 10 8.10.11 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot updateBug fixes and improvements
20 Sep 2018MIUI 10 8.9.20 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot updatePlenty of bug fixes and improvements
18 Sep 2018MIUI 10.0.1 (stable) | Android 8.0Recovery updateInstalls stable MIUI 10 update
13 Sep 2018MIUI 10 8.9.6 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot updateBug fixes and performance
06 Sep 2018MIUI 10 8.9.6 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot updateBug fixes and performance
23 Aug 2018MIUI 10 8.8.23 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot updateMultiple bug fixes and optimizations. Details here
16 Aug 2018MIUI 10 8.8.16 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot updateJuly 2018 security patch, fixes for Dual Apps, and more
26 July 2018MIUI 10 8.7.26 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery updateBug fixes, performance improvements, and more
19 July 2018MIUI 10 8.7.19 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update |Multiple bug fixes and performance improvements
12 July 2018MIUI 10 8.7.12 (beta) Android 8.0Recovery updateFixed the issue where there was no notification on the lock screen and the phone could unlock without the password, fingerprint, or pattern
06 July 2018MIUI 10 8.7.5 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot update

Adds nature sounds, improves UI, Mi AI, Face Unlock, camera, and more

28 June 2018MIUI 10 8.6.28 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot update

Installs MIUI 10 global beta, Fixes issue where Settings keeps stopping,  the phone enters Recovery mode when charging, and Cleaner content doesn’t translate to Russian in the file manager

22 June 2018MIUI 9.5.8 (stable) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot update
Fixes for failed to open WIFI, Area codes were attributed to wrong locations in some cases, and Alarms didn’t go off on holidays in some cases 
15 Mar 2018MIUI 8.3.15 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot update
Fixed issue when the folder is out, the page goes back to the top, Added the card of ‘Recommend for you’, The game of ‘Mi Coconut Island’ has finally arrived exclusively for Mi Browser (India), Search bar improved with broader input area 
08 Mar 2018MIUI 8.3.8 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot update
Fixed the issue Notification bar show white area, the issue that Weather keeps stopping, and the issue that P-sensor doesn’t work well. Added guidance for new users and top tabs on homepage and support side-scroll in Mi Apps
01 Mar 2018MIUI 8.3.1 (beta) | Android 8.0Recovery update | Fastboot updateFixes for Voice is low during calls, The contents of the notification bar are covered by the black, Saved contacts are shown as numbers in call log, Mobile phone random reboot when using MI mover and MI drop, Missing Titles for ‘Bookmark’ & ‘Manage Downloads’ for Text Size M,  and Colored notifications don’t display correctly. Adds discover your favorite apps and games in new Mi Apps

Xiaomi Mi 6 MIUI 10 stable update

  • Stable update available

After weeks of testing, Xiaomi finally released the stable MIUI 10 to the global Mi 6 on September 28, 2018, about two weeks following the software’s availability in China.

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Xiaomi Mi 6 Android Pie update

  • Pie update under consideration

While we know the Mi 6 is eligible for an update to Android Pie, Xiaomi has started playing some funny games. The company recently hinted that the Mi 6 won’t be updated to Pie since the current MIUI 10 already packs plenty of Pie-inspired features and as a result, they would rather direct the time and resources they would have spent on updating the Mi 6 to Pie on something else.

But after a supposed uproar among fans, the company is once again considering developing a Pie update for the Mi 6, although we still don’t know what their final stance is on this matter.

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