Xiaomi Ferrari with Android Lollipop Spotted on Geekbench

xiaomi ferrari specs

Lately, Microsoft and Xiaomi signed a contract to let the Chinese firm experiment with the latest version of the platform, Windows 10. Well, we can soon see the Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone running on Windows 10 platform as a part of this experimentation. But this does not seem to halt the firm’s involvement in Android based devices.

Xiaomi has been testing an upcoming smartphone called Xiaomi Ferrari that has been spotted on the Geekbench database. The leaked benchmark has revealed some of its key aspects.

It looks like Xiaomi Ferrari is the internal name of this device. We can expect the device to be red in color as it is referred as Ferrari associated with red cars. May be, this will be a new lineup of devices from Xiaomi like the Redmi lineup.


Talking about the specifications of the Xiaomi Ferrari that were revealed by the Geekbench database, the device seems to run on the Snapdragon 615 processor assisted by 2 GB of RAM. It is fueled by Android 5.0.2 Lollipop topped with MIUI and houses a 4.9 inch Full HD 1080p resolution. There is no NFC in the Xiaomi Ferrari.

The other details that were revealed include a 12 MP main camera with the support to capture Full HD 1080p videos and HDR mode. There seems to be a 4.8 MP selfie shooter at the front as well.

Source: MyDrivers