Xiaomi does creepy durability test, gives chance to Crabs and Lobsters to break its Mi4

Xiaomi uploaded a video on their official Facebook page yesterday to demonstrate the strength of the Mi4.  The thing is, they used crabs and lobsters to do it. While some might pause and marvel at the strength of the phone, many were clearly not impressed.

The video features Xiaomi staff visiting a fish market and choosing a couple of crabs and lobsters. Although testing a phone’s strength through unique techniques does help to boost up the marketing tool, this kind of test didn’t seem quite right. Especially since the company chose live animals for it.

The video goes like this: First, the crab is held upside down and then made to chop vegetables and even a glass cup, both of which break easily. However, when it snaps at the Mi4, nothing happens. Then the same is done with the lobster too. Except this time, the video ends in a question whether the phone could survive the lobster too.

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Although Xiaomi posted a video only on their official Facebook page, it is now available on YouTube also. You can easily make out by looking at the comments that people were unhappy with the test. Many comments indicated that they should be more thoughtful when it comes to international tests.

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