Xiaomi Confirms MiTv 3 Launch on March 24, Two Different Sizes Expected

xiaomi tv

Xiaomi has announced that it will be launching three variants of the third generation MiTV called MiTV 3 on March 24. This was announced via the firm’s official Weibo account.

Though the firm did not reveal that there will be different models of the MiTV, the official Xiaomi MiTV page confirms that two models with different sizes will be launched on March 24. Xiaomi has asked fans if they want big or small TVs with separate like buttons for each option. As people prefer large sized TVs, there are a lot of likes for the larger model and it is increasing by the minute.


The Xiaomi MiTV 3 is aptly named as there are two models such as the 47 inch TV and the 49 inch 4K MiTV 2 that were launched previously. Notably, a Xiaomi TV with the model number L55M2-AA was spotted sometime back and it was likely a 55 inch model. We can expect 4K resolution on both the Xiaomi TV variants that will be launched next week and improvements in sound quality, appearance and configuration to make them better than their predecessors.

The MiTV 2 was priced at $650 and the new models can be expected to retail for the same pricing. The 55 inch model might be expensive, but it should be cheaper than the other 4K TVs in the market.

Source: Xiaomi Weibo