The world’s next thinnest phone is “Ivvi”, only 4.7mm thin

We may never see a winner to the battle of thinnest phones, because there’s a new coming out every other day. And the latest to join the party is Ivvi, a subbrand of Coolpad, that’s reportedly working on a smartphone that’s only 4.7 mm thick.

This Ivvi smartphone beats the recent world record breakers, Oppo R5 and Vivo V5 Max which were 4.85 mm and 4.75 mm, respectively. Now surprisingly, only in the past 30 days, this is the third time this “thinnest phone in the world” record is being broken. We’re only amazed at how Chinese manufacturers are churning out thinner phones every other day.

The 4.7mm Ivvi smartphone will feature a 4.7 inch screen, keeping the device both compact and thin. The build of the device will be plastic with speaker grill on the back, however thanks to all that slimness, the camera on Ivvi might be protruding out a bit.

We don’t have any information yet on the availability of this device, but be assured that it’ll be available in China first than any other country. Also, if you’re looking forward to it, be prepared for some trade-off in the battery capacity due to it being the “world’s thinnest phone”.

via phonearena

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