Wondering how much the S6 components cost? Here you go

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are arguably the best devices to have come out of Samsung’s coffers. Be it the curved, super sharp displays, the sleek sophisticated look of the device or the superb cameras — the S6 series has it all. However, the devices have just one drawback — and a pretty obvious one — they are as expensive as hell. So it stands to reason that the components that have gone into making these technological marvels would be just as expensive. Let us tell you exactly how expensive.

Firsts come the screens. Both the S6 and the S6 Edge come with a super sharp display and in the case of the Edge a curved one. The S6 display costs around 100 while the curved screen of the Edge will require you to dish out an additional €150. Not only that, while this is only the component price, the price of repair is much higher at around €225 for the S6 Edge. Better not break them eh?

Next up are the cameras. The 16 MP modules are priced at around €35 each, however like the displays the cost of repairing them is much higher — about €75 in this case.  The batteries are by far the cheapest –around € 13 — but again add in the cost of refitting, and the total shoots to €50.

Other than these major components — which usually are the ones requiring repair — the following lists some other components and their repair costs as well.


Well, all in all the S6 components are not something you could replace with an easy heart. So it would be probably be a better idea to take good care of the devices — and perhaps get a cover while you are at it.

Source: SamMobile