There will be Dual SIM Xperia Z4 for sure!

Xperia Z4 Dual SIM

Dual SIM Xperia devices are rare in top-end segment, but remember we had one last year, the Dual SIM Xperia Z3, model no. D6633, for some country? Now, FCC filings unearthed from where they were hidden, indicate that the upcoming Xperia Z4 will have one variant too that will support two SIMs.

We don’t have a model no. to share with you right now — really, we swear! — but if you are fond of FCC IDs, remember these two: PM-0850-BV and PM-0851-BV, The first one belongs to Xperia Z4, the normal one, that you’ll get in your country, while the second one is the one with Dual SIM support that won’t be available in your country, because it will be available in some country.

With a dull CES behind us now, where Sony didn’t share anything like Android phone or tablet, we have our hopes tied on MWC, which will March 2-5. We really think Sony will unveil the Xperia Z4 there, like HTC will its HTC One M9, Samsung will its Galaxy S6, and Edge, and Active, and smartwatch. And probably many other things.


By the way, we know what Xperia Z4 might look like (hint: pic above) thanks to that massive hack, and we also know some of the Xperia Z4 specs. There are two varinats expected, one with Full HD and another one with Quad HD, the latter must be Xperia Z4 (normal and dual SIM for some country, yeah!) while the Full HD one has to be Xperia Z4 Compact. We also expect 4GB RAM and improved 20MP rear camera.

Let’s wait for MWC for the rest of all things Xperia Z4!

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