WhatsApp Calls coming soon, refference spotted in latest update

WhatsApp CEO told us about a year ago that the voice calling feature will be coming to the app, however we haven’t heard of any development of the feature since then. But thanks to the most recent update to WhatsApp for Android, from the WhatsApp site directly, it seems voice calling is coming very soon to the app and it’ll be called “WhatsApp Calls”.

Upon installing the latest version of WhatsApp (2.11.506), a redditor spotted the “WhatsApp Calls” directory inside the WhatsApp folder on SD Card. This WhatsApp Calls directory tells us that the voice calling feature is now being pushed into the app, and will make a public appearance very soon.

You can get the latest WhatsApp update from the WhatsApp site directly → whatsapp.com/android.

via reddit

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  • saduna

    this is been there since 4 months, when ever i acces my folders in whatsapp main folder