Hey there!

We’re looking to expand our team, and if you would love to write about gadgets that you also love to read about, then this might just be the coolest of jobs out there for you. Yes, we indeed pay you to write on gadgets, in case you were wondering!

Note: We’re currently hiring only from India. If this upset you, we’re so sorry!

What we need?

Well, of course, great knowledge about Android. And Tech, in general. That’s a must. But what we need first is excellent English writing skills. (Even better than the one you see on this page, admittedly.)

When considering your application, we’d place first emphasis on your writing, followed by of course, knowledge of tech, Android in particular.

If you think you got what we need, and believe you are a good fit for writing breaking news stories about specs and leaks on upcoming hot devices, as well as covering latest launches and software updates and such in Android scene, apply right away.

Do fill us in with these details:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • Occupation (Student/Job/Business/Just chilling?)
  • Mobile devices you are using right now, and what you like and don’t like about them
  • Mobile devices you have used (only names)
  • Favorite OEM, and why? (In good detail. Like 2 paras.)
  • Favorite 10 apps (Explain very briefly why an app is your favorite. Pls write 2-3 sentences for each app you like.)
  • Favorite blogs and websites that you frequently visit, and how many times in a week/month
  • Your social pages (Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc.)

Also, do send us two news articles on Android as sample too, each minimum 150 words, that you think are just the thing that we would love to cover on TheAndroidSoul. They must show that you do have excellent writing skills, and can write news with wit, concision, accuracy and authority. That’s important part.

And well, if you can figure out what kind of work we do, and write that in the way we want, then we would definitely look fondly at your application. (You won’t be paid for sample articles BTW, neither do we intend to publish them at all.) BTW, send the above details and sample articles as text within mail, not as attachments.

Where to send? Well, drop them off at admin (at) theandroidsoul.com

So, see you soon!