Want NTFS Support on Your Android Device, Read This

For all its advanced features and functionality, there’s one thing that has been missing from Android for long: support for disks partitioned with the NTFS file system. It’s quite often that someone inserts an NTFS formatted SD card into their phones or connects an NTFS drive to an Android device that supports USB host functionality, only to see it not getting detected. While the FAT32 filesystem that is generally used on disks is not bad, its file size limit of 4 GB often causes problems when someone needs to put in a larger file.

But fret not, there’s a way you can access NTFS disks on your Android device, and XDA Senior Member shardul_seth has taken the efforts to put up a full tutorial on doing that, after lots of research on the internet and combining information from different sources. But unfortunately, the method isn’t so simple and involves compiling a kernel module, which not many will be able to do without knowledge of how to compile stuff, though owners of Sony Xperia devices from 2011 and owners of Galaxy S II can download an all-in-one pack that does everything for them.

Head to the official page on XDA to find out how you can make your Android device support NTFS drives. Do let us know how it works!