Want a Floating Dialer and a Floating Google Search? Here you go.

Do you use your phone frequently for making calls? If yes, then we’ve got an app that you’re definitely going to love — Gecko dialer, a floating dialer head that’s always on top of your phone’s screen. Plus, it also gives you floating Google search as a bonus!

Gecko dialer allows you to dial a number from any app. It also doubles up as a floating Google search! It is a floating window that can be launched from any app. It works like the facebook chat heads. The Gecko Dialer shows a simple icon, which like the Facebook chat heads is shown as an overlay over every other apps. The Gecko Dialer has two modes, as said above, The Floating Dialer and Floating Google Search.

When the Gecko Dialer is launched, it just shows an icon over other apps. When you click that icon, it shows the default dialer option. Which is similar to the AOSP Dialer (As you can see from the screenshots). The Dialer just shows the Alphanumeric Keypad, which supports T9 search for searching your contacts. Well, it can be configured to search the contacts on the basis of saved contact numbers also. That has to be activated from the settings. The Google search option shows a search bar on which queries are typed like we use google on a browser. On the bottom bar of the dialer, you can see two icons, the dialer and the search icon too. These are used to toggle the dialer and the search.

The main screen of the app is opened by clicking on the icon, which definitely looks intuitive. But when we click the menu button, it shows the in app menu of the app, which looks like the menus which are found on apps from the Gingerbread age. That’s really a let down (If you are too much about UI in an app, as settings is rarely used). On the menu, there are four options : Call Log, Hide Dialer, Clear Call Logs and the Settings. Not much to talk about these functions, as you know what each one of them does. On the Settings, As you can see from the screenshot, contains various options such a Vibration sensor, T9 Settings, And also UI settings (Not much can be tweaked though).

Gecko Dialer brings you dual functionality of a Google search, So that’s a added plus when considering other floating dialers available on the Play Store such as Blimps. The app is built on the Tooleap SDK, which enables it easier to build Floating apps. Which makes Gecko Dialer use much less RAM than other floating apps. Overall, Gecko Dialer is a simple app, which promises to bring dialer with you always, Also the Google search 😉 . And I missed one thing, it’s totally Free and Ad-Free. Download Gecko Dialer from the link provided below.

The Good:
  • Light-weight app
  • Similar to stock dialer
  • T9 and numeric search
  • Floating Google Search!
The Bad:
  • Gingerbread style Menu and Settings UI

 Download Gecko Dialer