Wanna listen to WhatsApp messages? Make phone read them using Announcer for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an integral part of our lives today — and it’s not all down to social networking we have on the app, but also because it’s a great utility app, a quick medium to share a pic, contact and location, for personal shopping or business band transfer or product visual. No wonder, you don’t wanna leave a message unchecked, and would desperately want the messages to be read aloud by your Android phone rather then pick up your device every time — sure, you’d want some groups to be excluded, or some contacts to be always read aloud, no?

Well, Announcer for WhatsApp does exactly that. It would read all messages from a contact or in a group — unless blocked by you specifically in settings — so that you know the sender’s name and the message without picking up your device. And it’s not short of necessary features you’d want from day one, and all that under the layer of Material UI, what else you could hope for?


If you use WhatsApp a lot for business purpose, then this app is a great utility for you. A simple yes or no message — or shorter replies like k, kk, ok, done, nope, etc — shouldn’t and won’t require you to pickup your device when all you needed to know was whether the person at the other end got the parcel, a receipt, or anything that bodes well with yes or no messages.

The app works completely offline, but needs Internet connection for once to download and set up the language packages.

You can even set the sleep timings for the app, during which it won’t utter a word. And then there is ever-needed block option to not make phone read messages from certain contacts and groups.

You can even ask the phone to read aloud the messages only when the device is connected to headset via Bluetooth.

Download Announcer for WhatsApp: 15-day trial | Full version ($1)

Do let us know what you think of the app.

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