Wanna know your OnePlus Two Invite status easily? Well, there’s an app for that!

Developer Suraj Jain created a decent app which would tell you what’s your rank in the long list of OnePlus Two devotees. Feed the app your email ID, and it will do the rest of the job. It wasn’t a lengthy process anyway, you just had to fill your email ID on OnePlus’ invite page, but when there is an app available which requires only one time fill, it’s better choice hands down. Get the app on play store here.

The app also supports Android Wear, and is sized only 1.3 MB. Plus, you can also sign up now for an invite — it’s likely your will start at some 550,000 rank. You can even ask the developer to fill in your ID at the invite-sign-up link in the app, so that your rank is pushed higher as more and more users download this app and use that option for sign-up, as OnePlus will count them as your referral. Of course, developer is gonna ask your for some payment against this. May be worth a dime, no?

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  • seldomused

    It’s a great app, but be weary when you register a new email address through the app (which it does automatically if you don’t have an account). It is using the developer’s invite ID, which means every registering moves him further up the list.

    • Vignesh Panch

      what’s the name of the app.
      am unable to find it on play store

  • Nerd Blogger

    Fake app just like your website