Wake up on time with the AlarmMon alarm clock

Ah, its a still a bit early to wake up today! This is a common and lazy sentence to start a day. Sometimes this laziness incur you some great loss. As a funny remedy, here is the most popular app from Malang Studio’s that takes responsibility in starting your morning off right.

Now curing your morning sleepy laziness is more fun with the AlarmMon alarm clock app. AlarmMon app provides a variety of AlarmMon characters, each with his/her own unique sound and mini-games for you to play to turn off irritating alarms. AlarmMon provides a variety of characters to make your alarms more fun. Favourite characters such as Lengtoo and Tuzki are already here at AlarmMon and much more are promised to be included in the app,

In case you need a timer/reminder to let you know that you need to turn off gas stove in your kitchen in a few minutes or in case you want take a quick nap for 30 minutes, quick alarm would be a perfect solution for you. No more burnt pot or being late to your next appointment with this app.

You can also review your your personal alarm history, so that you can improve your morning habits. AlarmMon is not just solely for a morning alarm. You can use it any time during the day and evening to remind you of important appointments or meetings. It offers you a wide range of flexibility to make you do your thing right on time.

So be on time with this featured app, download the AlarmMon app from the Playstore link below and never miss an appointment.

The Good
  • Great AlarmMon characters
  • Custom sounds and mini games to ensure you wake up properly
  • Alarm history to review your habits
The Bad
  • Nothing in this column

Get it on the play store using the link below.

  Download AlarmMon (alarm clock)

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