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VLC Media Player ‘Beta’ Out Now on Google Play Store

The long wait of all Android smartphone users finally seems to have bore some fruit as VideoLAN has released the beta version of its media player for Android devices. The ‘alpha’ version seemed to take too long to finally retire but none of the users shall be complaining now that the beta is out!

Although the version may leave everyone excited, VideoLAN has a word of caution for the typical user as the build right now is as unstable as can be and may not play well enough with all kinds of audio formats and it might even have certain performance issues as well. The normal users are thereby advised to give this version a skip until the final build is released. For the seasoned users though, the minimum requirements don’t seem to be too discerning as the beta only needs an ARMv7 cpu with support for the NEON engine.

The beta version supports VLC standard multi-track audio and subtitle support and comes alongwith a playback widget for controlling audio playback. The developer has also said that the final build may sport a different UI altogether and will come with the missing performance optimisations. Anyways, barring all the fine-print, if you are really interested in checking it out, wait no more and hit the link below to download it!

VLC Beta – Google Play