Vivo releases teaser, shows the upcoming X5 Pro with its rounded edges

Vivo has been occupying its share of the limelight ever since it announced it’s X5 Pro — A device expected to come with a 2.5D screen. Though its expected to release as early as next month, not much is known about the device thanks to Vivo’s efforts at keeping things quite.

However, a recent teaser from the company has given us our first look at what the upcoming device is going to look like. First off, It seems like the 2.5D glass we have been hearing about on VIvo’s X5 pro is real. Another thing we noticed was the presence of well rounded corners though nothing that could either confirm or reject the rumors of a double glass design and the retinal scanners conclusively was spotted.


While what we know for sure about the device is not all that much, rumors aplenty are available which point towards a 3 GB device running the Snapdragon 615. We are also expecting an extra large battery — around 3500 mAh — to go with the extra large 6 inch screen while the camera on its back is almost certain to be a premium one. The device will probably run the company’s signature Funtime OS sandwiched over the Android Lollipop.

Well, the phone is expected to hit the carpet somewhere around next month, so we wont have all that long to wait and with the release date looming closer we are bound to know more very soon. Stay tuned!!

Source: Phonearena