ViewRanger – Trails & Maps now supports Android wear 2.0

Update [April 20, 2017]: With the new update that supports Android wear 2.0, you get a lot of additional features on your smartwatch for ViewRanger app. Not only can you download free and premium topographic maps, you can follow route guides, view maps and see trip stats, all on your smartwatch.

Moreover, you can even track your progress and view fitness stats in the Google Fit. You can also control the tracks with smartwatch. The app now lets you start, pause and stop tracks all on smartwatch. And if your watch has a built-in compass, you get compass directions as well on your watch.

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In addition to that, if you are concerned about the battery, you can save battery power with the new ambient mode. Further, the update lets you customize your watch faces with ViewRanger stats.

ViewRanger – Trails & Maps app helps you in discovering thousands of inspiring route guides and makes it easy for you to navigate in your outdoor adventures. You can also download TOPO maps in ViewRanger app and the app provides offline navigation as well.

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