Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection plan gets you a Tech Coach for $5 per month

Verizon, like many other carriers, offers new smartphone buyers various protection plans to choose from. The aim of these plans is to help with costs that usually pop up when replacing a cracked screen, warranty replacements, and so on.

You have the option to sign up for these plans or not. In case of the latter, Verizon won’t let you add any of the plans at a later time at your own discretion, usually after 30 days from the day of purchasing the phone. But once in a while, the Big Red runs what it calls Open Enrollment program that’s meant to let users who didn’t get a plan when buying a new phone to get one.

As of this writing, Verizon Open Enrollment is live and as expected, it has multiple plans to pick from:

  • Total Mobile Protection
  • Total Equipment Protection
  • Wireless Phone Protection
  • Extended Warranty

Verizon Open Enrollment

You are probably asking what sets them apart. Well, it’s the stuff that comes with each plan and the price that differs. Each of the four plans has a unique package, but it’s the Total Mobile Protection plan that has caught our attention.

For an extra $5 per month (compared to Total Equipment Coverage), Total Mobile Protection gets you a Tech Coach. Basically, this is like having a U.S.-based personal Verizon support rep assigned to you, except that you’ll probably never get to need one.

As noted, this is one of those occasional times you can add coverage to your plan just in case you didn’t get it when buying your phone. The Open Enrollment period ends on June 16, 2019.

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