Verizon releases November security update for the Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pie beta

Verizon Wireless users in the US owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy Note 9 phone will be happy to hear that the carrier is rolling out the latest November security updates for your phones that resolve known issues as well as optimize device performance while securing your phone’s software.

For the Galaxy Note 8, the new update carries software version R16NW.N950USQS5CRJ3. This update brings the security patch level up to November 2018. For the Galaxy Note 9, the new update carries software version M1AJQ.N960USQS1ARJ9. This update brings the security patch level up to November 2018 on this phone as well.

If you were hoping for an Android 9 Pie update on your Galaxy Note phones, rest assured it is on the cards but not before Q1 2019.

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There are four methods by which you can download and install the abovementioned update on your phones. In the Wi-Fi only OTA method, your phone automatically downloads the update whenever it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. You do not have to worry about interruptions as the phone resumes downloading from where it left off once it gets Wi-Fi coverage again. Once the download is complete, you’ll receive a prompt asking permission to install. The phone reboots before the installation process begins.

Another method involves the phone alerting you that a new update is available. It will ask your permission to install, which once accepted your phone will automatically reboot. You’ll need to tap on “OK” once the phone’s back on to install the update. If you choose to “Defer”, then you’ll need to make use of the third alternative of installing the update.

The third method involves you manually searching for the available update. Simply tap on the “Settings” icon, then choose “About phone”, followed by “Software updates” and then finally tap on “Check for updates”. If a new update is available, tap on “Download now”. Once it’s done, tap on “Install now” option and then “OK” once the device has rebooted.

You can also choose to download the update through your computer having a stable internet connection if your phone isn’t connected to Verizon Wireless network. Simply connect your device to the computer and download the Software Upgrade Assistant tool on your computer which will initiate the process.