Verizon releases its first Moto Z3 update as version ODXS28.66-18-1

Motorola’s Moto Z3 was pronounced DOA when the company chose to go with 2017 performance specs in a device that was expected to spearhead its struggling smartphone business this 2018. However, Motorola made up for the lack of 2018 flagship specs by pricing the device favorably, much like what you’d expect to pay for any other 2017 flagship phone at this point in time. Unfortunately, this device is only sold through Verizon Wireless, which isn’t strange coming from Motorola.


And today, the Moto Z3 is receiving its first-ever software update from the Big Red that installs software version ODXS28.66-18-1. This update brings this month’s Android security patch to the Z3 alongside performance enhancements.

The update is available over the air, having started rolling out today, meaning it will take some days before every Moto Z3 unit on Verizon receives the OTA notification, so hang in there. Speaking of which, the Z3 is also expected to get the update to Android Pie later this fall.


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