Optimus Zone 3 update: Verizon releases a security patch as build VS425PP8

optimus zone 3 update

Update [March 29, 2017]: Verizon is rolling out a new OTA update for the Optimus Zone 3, coming in as software version VS425PP8. The update is basically a security patcher, that the big Red says install latest security patch on LG’s budget handset.

Considering March security patch is latest one, we hope that’s what Verizon meant by this, but we would be surprised if it turns out to be one for the month of February 2017 or even January 2017.

The Verizon LG Optimus Zone 3 is part of the series that’s long dropped by LG as far as flagships are concerned, ever since the company decided to drop the Optimus moniker for its LG G3 which was a successor to LG Optimus 2. We don’t think the Optimus Zone 3 is a Nougat release candidate, or Marshmallow, but it today got an update, with build VS425PP4.

The P4 update changelog is pretty short, but deserves careful look. You know, for the first, the VS425PP4 build improves sensitivity of the power button for better and instant recognition.


While, secondly, the device’s lock screen will now provide a warning message when only 5 attempts are left to unlock the Optimus Zone 3, that the device will be reset to factory settings if correct password/unlock code/pattern is not used in next 5 times. And that you won’t be able to sue the device even after that until correct Google account and password are entered.

Moreover, it will again warn when only last attempt remain. The pop-up message is titled ‘Final attempt’ so that even the kids in your house pay more attention to it.

Optimus Zone 3 Nougat update

Being a budget device that would change hands more than getting a wallpaper change, or already put to bin before a massive update is prepared for it, the chances of Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Verizon Optimus Zone 3 are none. We’d be totally surprised if it indeed gets one!

Although released only this year, the Optimus Zone 3 doesn’t hold a bragging spec-sheet, naturally, so Nougat update could only make the device slow because of extra hardware requirements than Lollipop.

Optimus Zone 3 Marshmallow update

The device currently runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop, and even though the device was released after Marshmallow’s release, LG and Verizon never cared enough to bring the Android 6.0.1 update to the device.

The reason for that could be less of hardware requirements for Lollipop, than Marshmallow. And with processor, RAM, display and camera tied down to strict budgets, LG and Verizon could have come up with Lollipop as the perfect solution to match the hardware marked down for the Optimus Zone 3.

So, no Marshmallow update either for the Optimus Zone 3.

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  • IS there a way to update it to 6.0 at all in any way whatsoeverw