Verizon LG G6 offer: $192 off under new $20/month offer

Verizon has a got a neat deal going on right now for the LG G6. Under the new deal, you get to shave off whopping $192 off the new G6, by opting for the $20/month for two years. The plan was originally priced at $28 per month, in case you’re wondering.

Verizon is offering two color variants of the G6 under the deal, Platinum and Black, but the storage option is still limited to the 32GB variant.

Under the deal, you pay $480 (24 x 20), which compared to outright price of $672, gets you a saving of $192.

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The LG G6 is an amazing device with a large 5.7-inch display fitting in the form factor of a 5.5-inch device from last year. The device is almost bezel-less too, sporting a QuadHD display with an 18:9 aspect ratio.

There are a lot of cool knick-knacks built into the device which also include the dual camera on board. LG has put it’s all into the G6 and hasn’t disappointed in the slightest. Compared to the G5, the LG G6 is miles apart in terms of performance and design.

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There isn’t a better time to get your hands on this flagship as this rate is pretty attractive. If you’re looking to buy the G6 outright you can also do that, but you will need to pay $672. Check out the link below to purchase the LG G6 on the $20/month plan.

→ Purchase LG G6 from Verizon

Source: Verizon

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