Verizon LG G5 update adds App drawer option for Home screen, V10 also receiving update

LG and Verizon are rolling out a new update today for their G5 and V10. The software version for LG G5 is VS98713A, while that for LG V10 is VS99023A.

Being able to use app drawer on Android is long-time default feature, but LG took to iOS’ books, and removed the app drawer from the G5. Now, the VS98713A update brings it back, as an option.

To enable the App drawer on your Verizon G5, after installing the VS98713A update, head into Settings – Home screen – Select Home, and tap on Home with app drawer.

Apart from that, the new update for G5 also adds few features in other LG proprietary app: LG Health. The background image is getting a makeover, while you can also customize the exercise mode in app’s settings. Lastly, the USB connection screen is getting a slight makeover too. See the image below.


As for the LG V10, it gets the new USB connection screen too, and other than that, it gets Wi-Fi calling. That’s it. We think these new features will make to rumored V10 successor for Verizon, which could be labeled V11 or V20.

To install the update which is already available over-the-air (OTA), look for system update menu under Settings app on your device.

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