Verizon LG G4, Lucid 3 and Droid Turbo receiving OTA updates to fix security bugs

Verizon is again busy rolling out minor updates for its various sets, and that list includes LG G4, LG Lucid 3 and Motorola Droid Turbo.

The security patches update seem so little when we’re all busy talking about Marshmallow update, something that only Nexus and Android One sets have gotten so far, while our hopes are fully tied to Moto X Pure edition too.

The new software version for these Verizon sets isn’t available as of now, and there is no mention of anything else in changelog either.

If you happen to be on Verizon with either of LG G4, Lucid 3 or Droid Turbo, be sure to check for an update. Go to Settings > About phone, and check for an update under system updates.

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