Verizon HTC One Max receiving new update, but it’s not Android 5.0 or 5.1 [v3.09.605.3]

HTC One Max update 3.09.605.3

It’s been almost an year since Verizon updated the HTC One Max to Android 4.4 and Sense 6. But anyway, a new update in v3.09.605.3 is now available for One Max users at the carrier, which is neither based on Android 5.0, nor on Android 5.1. No, don’t dream about Sense 7 either.

Version 3.09.605.3 update for Verizon One Max is basically a bug fixer update, looking to squash some bug with the fingerprint sensor, improve Wi-Fi user experience and add a security patch from Google.

The baseband version of the new update is If you are still using a One Max at Verizon, do let us know more about the update — any visual changes you see, performance improvements, anything?

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