Verizon Galaxy S6 and Note 5 receiving Samsung Pay update (should come to S6 Edge and Edge + too)

With the release of Samsung Pay service finally, finally drawing closer, Samsung devices across the globe are in for an update that prepares them for the service by installing required code into the system, as well as adding the Samsung Pay app where it’s still missing (earlier updates added Samsung Pay, btw).

A similar update is now out for Verizon Galaxy S6 and Note 5 too as confirmed by users, and we’d wager that the same update can be expected on Verizon’s S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ too.

The update should be carrying the build no. ending with OI1, as we’ve seen with T-Mobile and Sprint updates too.

To check for an update on your device, head to Settings > About device. Check for system updates now.

Btw, Samsung Pay doesn’t work with devices whose KNOX flag has been tripped — this happens when you flash a TWRP recovery on your device, or a custom kernel that is required to be able to root on Android 5.1.1 update.

Via sd_N and Hezzennater

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