Verizon Galaxy S4 receives new OTA update to build OF1

Verizon Galaxy S4 is finally receiving its share of the Stagefright update with build no. LRX22C.I545VRUGOF1. But the OF1 update isn’t all about fixing Stagefright, in fact, it fixes lots of things, including improvements to Samsung Reactivation Lock.

Find the full changelog of the Verizon Galaxy S4 OF1 update below. If you still have the Galaxy S4 accompanying you at Verizon Wireless, you should be receiving an OTA update notification soon enough. If not, try to force your way through it by tapping on ‘check for update’ button in Settings > About device. Good luck!


  • Fixed an issue related to E-mail notifications not showing up in Status Bar
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the Alarm Clock does not start up
  • Fixed an issue where in some rare cases when attempting to remove or add icons/widgets on any of the home screens the user is shown the Touch Wiz force close notification
  • Fixed an issue related to Volume not staying to previously set value after the last software upgrade
  • Fixed an issue where the device does not read out the body of the text message after software update
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the user is getting white squares on the lock screen instead of numbers
  • Software change to prevent lockout of the device after the last software upgrade (only affects devices that have been Encrypted)
  • Improvements to the Samsung Reactivation lock (lost or stolen device security)
  • Android security patches
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  • AcCeLeRaPtOr

    I need help. Tried Kies installing this update for my Verizon GS4 (SCH i545) and Kies just disconnects my phone when starting the update download and OTA on my phone always comes back with an install error.

    • Boot into recovery mode and see if you have stock 3e recovery or not. For that, Power off, and then press and hold Home+Power+Volume up together until you see anything on screen.

      If you event installed custom recovery like TWRP or CWM, you need to remove that and install stock back.