Verizon and Sprint Galaxy Note 5 certified for Android 7.0 update too at Wi-Fi Alliance

It was only yesterday that we learned that the Galaxy Note 5 got the go-ahead sign as regards Android Nougat update¬†for T-Mobile, AT&T and Canadian variants. Now we’ve got more info from WiFi Alliance, confirming certification for the Verizon as well as Sprint Galaxy Note 5.

The Note 5 model nos. that got approval today include that of Verizon (SM-N920V), Sprint (SM-N920P), US-Cellular (SM-N920R4), Bluegrass Cellular (SM-N920R6) and C-Spire (SM-N920R7).

The Nougat update should also be making its way to Chinese variants SM-N9200 and SM-N9209 too. After the failure of the Note 7, it’s great to see the previous generation Note 5 carry out the legacy of the Note 7 through the Nougat update.

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The Galaxy Note 5 is still an excellent device and hasn’t lost it’s shine in anyway. As for the new successor to the Note 5, upcoming Galaxy Note 8 is now expected to sport dual cameras on its back, which should be a first for Samsung.


Source: Wi-Fi Alliance

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