What happens when you ‘call screen’ your family members

Call Screen, the cool feature that uses Google Assistant to answer phone calls for you started rolling out to Pixel phones from last October. This feature interacts with the caller on your behalf to know what the caller wants and enables you to choose answers that can be used to respond.

Yes, this feature is a lifesaver against telemarketer and spam calls that we don’t like to deal with. But Call Screen can step in for you even during personal calls that you may not be able to attend for whatever reason.

Reddit user Plasmm, screened his mom using this feature and uploaded a thread recently to show how it performed. We must admit, it was quite hilarious.

Call Screen was pretty convincing too, at one point, mom actually started to respond to this intuitive feature before she realized she fell for it. But all jokes aside, it won’t be a great feeling for a family member to realize they are being screened, which is only fair. So it is best that you avoid using this feature unless it’s absolutely necessary.

As of now, this feature is only available for Pixel phones in the US and the beta version is being tested in Canada. Google is also planning to expand this feature support to a few Android One phones like Motorola and Nokia.