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How to Use Google Duo on Windows PC or Laptop

Google Duo has finally been released for the Android and iOS devices out there, and chances are good that you’re already using one these devices. But if you happen to spend most of your time at your Windows PC or Laptop, and actually prefer to do video calls, chats, and stuff from the comfort of your PC chair, then you might want to look into the possibilities of using Google Duo on your PC.

We’re full of hope that Google would release Duo to Windows store or as a web application very soon. But until then, our only choice to use Google Duo on PC is by installing an Android emulator on the PC.

Bluestacks is a great choice for running Android apps on PC, but unfortunately, it often fails to use your PCs or Laptop’s webcam, without which using Google Duo is impossible on a PC.

Hence, we’ll be using an alternate Android emulator called Nox App Player. It can use your PC/Laptop camera without any issues for the apps that demand it.


Download Nox App Player

Download Google Duo APK

How to Use Google Duo on PC or Laptop

  1. Download and Install Nox App Player on your Windows PC/Laptop. Get it from the download link above.
  2. Download the Google Duo APK on your PC. You can Google it to get it.
  3. Open/Run Nox App Player on your PC. When it’s fully loaded, click the Settings icon in the window control bar (near Window close, maximize and close button).
  4. From Nox settings, enable Root access and let the program restart.
  5. Once Nox restarts, add your Google account like you add it on an Android device. Go to Settings » Accounts » Add account.
  6. Drag and drop the Google Duo APK you downloaded in Step 2 to the Nox App Player window.
  7. You’ll see a pop-up window, select Open apk folder option to open the apk file in a file manager on Nox.
  8. Click on Google Duo APK file from the file manager window, scroll to the bottom and hit the Install button to install Google Duo on Nox App Player.
  9. Once Google Duo is installed, choose Open to open the Google Duo App on your PC.
  10. Setup Google Duo app by verifying your number. Use the on-screen keys to input your number, else the Next button may not work. Also, keep your mobile number close as you’ll receive verification code by either SMS or by call. If verification fails to reach you by SMS, click on CALL ME text.
    Tip: One phone number can only run one instance of Google Duo. So if you’ve already setup Google Duo on your Android device, make sure to use another mobile number to setup Google Duo on PC. Else, Duo will be unregistered on your Android device.
  11. Once Google Duo is setup, click on Video call button and select the contact you want to make video call to.
    Tip: You can only make video calls to numbers saved in your Contacts. This is why we recommended you to Add Google account in Step 5 above, so that you’ll have contacts from your phone synced over to your PC.

That’s all. Enjoy using Google Duo on your PC. Happy Androiding!

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Alternative services to Google Duo

While you should be able to use the Google Duo application on your PC using the method above, there is a possibility that you might run into a few issues while trying to setup the application on your PC or you might even get an error message preventing you from logging in to your Google account.

So if you aren’t able to get Google Duo working on your PC, then here are a few great alternatives for you to choose from which serve the same purpose as Google Duo.

Google Hangouts

Although Hangouts is soon going to be replaced, the service can still be used to place video calls to your contacts. What’s even better is the fact that other users won’t need to sign up or register to use Hangouts since all the user needs is to have a Google account to begin chatting or to place video calls.

You could simply visit the Google Hangouts website and login with your Google Account. Keep in mind that the user whom you wish to video call must have the Hangouts application as well or be logged into the Hangouts website.

Download: Hangouts (Android)


ooVoo is one of the best alternatives to Skype on Windows PCs and laptops and runs on Mac OS as well as Linux distributions.

The service offers HD video calling capabilities across multiple platforms hence, you could video call anyone on any OS. Simply download and install the ooVoo software on your PC/Mac by visiting this link. Make sure the user whom you wish to video call has the ooVoo app installed on their smartphone or PC/Mac as well.

Download: ooVoo Video Calls, Messaging & Stories (Android)


We probably don’t need to introduce Skype since the word Skype is nowadays synonymous with video calling since it was one of the most popular applications available on any device to place calls and video calls too.

Skype is easily available for Windows PCs and laptops and usually is pre-installed on some PCs. Simply visit the Skype website to download and install Skype on your PC. Fortunately, the Skype application is available on Android too hence, you could place a video call to Skype users on Android as well.

Download: Skype (Android)


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