USB Type-C to Arrive on Future Android Devices, Tips Google

USB Type-C connector

The USB Type-C is getting into mainstream gradually. Lately, two devices were launched with this new technology and they are the Apple’s new MacBook and the ChromeBook Pixel 2 from Google.

Soon USB Type-C will become the latest standard that will be used to transfer and display content on external monitors in our devices. USB Type-C lets a single port to exchange the data and power and the prime advantage of the same is that it is symmetrical. This means that the users can plug in a connector in any way into the port. There is no necessity to figure out if they are trying to insert the connector in the right away into the port.


Well, it is known that we will be seeing numerous laptops launching with this USB Type-C technology all through this year. But, an announcement from Google is surprising as it is claimed that Android devices will also be arriving with this technology. This was announced by Adam Rodriguez, Product Manager at Google in the video showing the USB Type-C.

Though it is tipped as Android devices in general, there is an increased possibility for the next Nexus devices from Google to arrive with the USB Type-C technology. Google has been using the Nexus lineup to push recent technologies and innovations lately. Hence, we can expect the same to happen with the USB Type-C as well.

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