US Cellular releases LG G5 Android 7.0 OTA update too as build US99223A

LG G5 is one of the few devices that is not Google-backed as regards software updates, to run stable version of Android 7.0 update right now, the other ones being HTC 10 and Moto Z Droid. While not all LG G5 sets around the world currently run on Android 7.0 right now, at least from today, that changes for the US Cellular sets who are receiving the Nougat OTA today as build US99223A.

The update’s size of 1545.74MB, and its changelog, apart from Android 7.0 Nougat itself, also includes several more points. We only have the above screenshot as our only source right now, and it doesn’t looks like giving us complete list of ‘what’s new’ in build US99223A, but we will gladly make do for now with what’s available until we get our hand on the press release/full official changelog.

There is an addition of Menu button in the navigation bar where your Home button lives with back and recent keys, so that you won’t have to reach the 3-dot menu to get the options of the app. And you would also be able to block numbers on your G5 now, if and when you need to.

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It’s a good day for G5 users in USA, as 7.0 was also released on T-Mobile earlier today, while the Sprint users already had it, even before the international G5 variant.

Sure, all G5 units around the world should be seeing an update to Android Nougat in next few weeks, given the pace it’s hitting more and more devices. And we already have hopes of G4 Nougat dropping by the end of December, or January-mid at the least.

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G5 became the first Android device earlier whose Nougat update was released by Google, and LG must be praised for that. It’s work is something the companies like OnePlus can look up to and take notes from for their own OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T Nougat rollout.

Cheers Charles!

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  • Davis

    I am from Ecuador, have LG G5 RS988. No hope on having the update this year, I guess.

    • Dan

      Im Also from Ecuador, and I own the LG G5 RS988, I think I just have to sell this model and get the H860

  • This device is the best device i have ever seen.