Upgrade your device up to 3 times in a year via T-Mobile’s JUMP! On-Demand program

jump on demand

Previously, upgrading to a new smartphone took place once in two years and later it became one year. Now, this time frame has reduced to just a few months. The carrier T-Mobile has taken this trend a step further by introducing the JUMP! On-Demand, a un-carrier feature.

The JUMP! On-Demand is quite advantageous to the customers as they can upgrade up to three times in a year without any restrictions on when the upgrades take place. In simpler words, you need not wait for a minimum time period of six months. This will definitely be a great option for those users who like to grab the biggies that are launched in a year.

The beginners need no pay the month fee of $100 and this means that you will no more get insurance for your device. The insurance can be added for a lower fee of $8 approximately if you want it.

It is worth mentioning that the device is leased to you and you do not own it until you pay for it in full. You can choose to make payments for your device for 18 months and after the time period you can upgrade to a new phone and start a new plan. Otherwise, you can make the final payment and keep the device.

If you keep the device and choose to make the final payment, the total payments will equal the retail price of the specific device. Also, the customers can pay their JUMP! On-Demand plan at any time by paying the pending payment in advance to avoid penalty.

The JUMP! On-Demand program debuts on June 28, and so there is not much time for you to avail this advantage.