Unlock Full Version of Fleksy Keyboard for Free for a Limited Time

fleksy keybaord app

It is always tough for anyone to use something new instead of their favorite keyboard application, but Fleksy insists that everyone tries its keyboard. It comes with a handful of new features that are amazing and it is one of the best favorite keyboard apps.

As of now, Fleksy is letting users of the free or trial version of its application to unlock the full version for free. To get this offer, you need to download the free version of the Fleksy app. The existing users of the keyboard app will have to uninstall and re-download the application to avail the offer. You will have to sign into the cloud service and unlock the full version of the Fleksy app for free.


Usually, the paid version of the Fleksy keyboard app costs $2, which is not too expensive. This offer is aimed at encouraging the users to try the app once. If you have been using SwiftKey or Google Keyboard, you will definitely find the different features very useful.

To mention a few, Fleksy has included aggressive auto-correct that lets you to type sloppily and a combination of gestures that are meant to delete words, undo corrections and add words to the keyboard’s dictionary.

Download Fleksy Keybaord