Unicode 7.0 gets 250 new emojis, to be available only when Google updates Android to that effect

Expressions are the powerful way to express your feelings and thoughts, but with the advent of Social networking and Smartphones visual communication is kept to minimum and people moved on to the texting and chatting. However, technology always have a solution to every problem and in this case the solution is the inclusion of emoji icons, smiley faces and many iconic pictures that are included in the text-based services.

These iconic pictures help in expressing your thoughts and share your feelings through a visual appearance. Emojis form the largest of these group, and initially they appeared in the Japanese electronic messages and web pages but later on included in the messaging services. However the Emojis are quite old and many users have long agitated for more diverse emojis that suits the modern global communication.

After a long wait and demands, today the organization that standardizes text across the software industry has responded by releasing the Unicode Version 7.0. Unicode’s lists a whopping 250 new emojis in the update. The new Emoji list features expressions like slightly frowning face, slightly smiling face and many demanded emojis like a hot pepper, a chipmunk, a hand with a raised middle finder. A religious symbol “OM” is also included in the list following many requests.

The new Emojis will be available in the July this year, however as Unicode only sets the standards, so the Android, IOS developers has to release an update to bring Emojis to the devices which might take some time. The OS developers can also choose to exclude some of the characters that may disturb the integrity and ethnicity, for instance the middle finger Emoji may not even get included in the OS update.

The new Emojis are not yet surfaced the Emojipedia, however a long list of new Emoji names was released which sums to an approximate 250 Emojis. Here is the list of the new Emojis in the Unicode 7.0 version, the Emoji icons will be updated later once obtained.

New Emoji Icons in Unicode 7.0


Black Droplet

White Sun

White Sun With Small Cloud

White Sun Behind Cloud

White Sun Behind Cloud With Rain

Cloud With Rain

Cloud With Snow

Cloud With Lightning

Cloud With Tornado


Wind Blowing Face

Hot Pepper

Fork And Knife With Plate

Heart With Tip On The Left

Bouquet Of Flowers

Military Medal

Reminder Ribbon

Musical Keyboard With Jacks

Studio Microphone

Level Slider

Control Knobs

Beamed Ascending Musical Notes

Beamed Descending Musical Notes

Film Frames

Admission Tickets

Sports Medal

Weight Lifter


Racing Motorcycle

Racing Car

Snow Capped Mountain


Beach With Umbrella

Building Construction

House Buildings


Derelict House Building

Classical Building


Desert Island

National Park


White Pennant

Black Pennant

Waving White Flag

Waving Black Flag


Black Rosette




Camera With Flash

Film Projector

Portable Stereo

Lower Right Shadowed White Circle

Upper Right Shadowed White Circle

Notched Right Semicircle With Three Dots

Symbol For Marks Chapter

White Latin Cross

Heavy Latin Cross

Celtic Cross

Om Symbol

Dove Of Peace

Right Speaker

Right Speaker With One Sound Wave

Right Speaker With Three Sound Waves


Bullhorn With Sound Waves

Ringing Bell



Mantelpiece Clock

Black Skull And Crossbones

No Piracy


Man In Business Suit Levitating

Sleuth Or Spy

Dark Sunglasses


Spider Web


Left Hand Telephone Receiver

Telephone Receiver With Page

Right Hand Telephone Receiver

White Touchtone Telephone

Black Touchtone Telephone

Telephone On Top Of Modem

Clamshell Mobile Phone

Back Of Envelope

Stamped Envelope

Envelope With Lightning

Flying Envelope

Pen Over Stamped Envelope

Linked Paperclips

Black Pushpin

Lower Left Pencil

Lower Left Ballpoint Pen

Lower Left Fountain Pen

Lower Left Paintbrush

Lower Left Crayon

Left Writing Hand

Turned Ok Hand Sign

Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed

Reversed Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed

Reversed Thumbs Up Sign

Reversed Thumbs Down Sign

Reversed Victory Hand

Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended

Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers

White Down Pointing Left Hand Index

Sideways White Left Pointing Index

Sideways White Right Pointing Index

Sideways Black Left Pointing Index

Sideways Black Right Pointing Index

Black Left Pointing Backhand Index

Black Right Pointing Backhand Index

Sideways White Up Pointing Index

Sideways White Down Pointing Index

Sideways Black Up Pointing Index

Sideways Black Down Pointing Index

Black Up Pointing Backhand Index

Black Down Pointing Backhand Index

Desktop Computer

Keyboard And Mouse

Three Networked Computers


Pocket Calculator

Black Hard Shell Floppy Disk

White Hard Shell Floppy Disk

Soft Shell Floppy Disk

Tape Cartridge

Wired Keyboard

One Button Mouse

Two Button Mouse

Three Button Mouse


Old Personal Computer

Hard Disk


Printer Icon

Fax Icon

Optical Disc Icon

Document With Text

Document With Text And Picture

Document With Picture

Frame With Picture

Frame With Tiles

Frame With An X

Black Folder


Open Folder

Card Index Dividers

Card File Box

File Cabinet

Empty Note

Empty Note Page

Empty Note Pad


Note Page

Note Pad

Empty Document

Empty Page

Empty Pages





Spiral Note Pad

Spiral Calendar Pad

Desktop Window




Clockwise Right And Left Semicircle Arrows

Cancellation X

Increase Font Size Symbol

Decrease Font Size Symbol


Old Key

Rolled-Up Newspaper

Page With Circled Text

Stock Chart

Dagger Knife


Speaking Head In Silhouette

Three Rays Above

Three Rays Below

Three Rays Left

Three Rays Right

Left Speech Bubble

Right Speech Bubble

Two Speech Bubbles

Three Speech Bubbles

Left Thought Bubble

Right Thought Bubble

Left Anger Bubble

Right Anger Bubble

Mood Bubble

Lightning Mood Bubble

Lightning Mood

Ballot Box With Ballot

Ballot Script X

Ballot Box With Script X

Ballot Bold Script X

Ballot Box With Bold Script X

Light Check Mark

Ballot Box With Bold Check

World Map

Slightly Frowning Face

Slightly Smiling Face

North West Pointing Leaf

South West Pointing Leaf

North East Pointing Leaf

South East Pointing Leaf

Turned North West Pointing Leaf

Turned South West Pointing Leaf

Turned North East Pointing Leaf

Turned South East Pointing Leaf

North West Pointing Vine Leaf

South West Pointing Vine Leaf

North East Pointing Vine Leaf

South East Pointing Vine Leaf

Heavy North West Pointing Vine Leaf

Heavy South West Pointing Vine Leaf

Heavy North East Pointing Vine Leaf

Heavy South East Pointing Vine Leaf

North West Pointing Bud

South West Pointing Bud

North East Pointing Bud

South East Pointing Bud

Heavy North West Pointing Bud

Heavy South West Pointing Bud

Heavy North East Pointing Bud

Heavy South East Pointing Bud

Hollow Quilt Square Ornament

Hollow Quilt Square Ornament In Black Square

Solid Quilt Square Ornament

Solid Quilt Square Ornament In Black Square

Leftwards Rocket

Upwards Rocket

Rightwards Rocket

Downwards Rocket

Very Heavy Solidus

Very Heavy Reverse Solidus

Checker Board

Reverse Checker Board

Triangle With Rounded Corners

Prohibited Sign

Circled Information Source

Boys Symbol

Girls Symbol

Couch And Lamp

Sleeping Accommodation

Shopping Bags

Bellhop Bell


Hammer And Wrench


Oil Drum


Railways Track

Motor Boat

Up-Pointing Military Airplane

Up-Pointing Airplane

Up-Pointing Small Airplane

Small Airplane

Northeast-Pointing Airplane

Airplane Departure

Airplane Arriving


Oncoming Fire Engine

Diesel Locomotive

Passenger Ship

That’s a long list, right? These are the new goodies you get with the Unicode 7.0 Standard.

Via Phandroid